When Krystal Jung landed a role in the new drama Heirs, it was to play the role of Lee Bo Na, a Chaebol daughter whose father runs an entertainment company. As a K-pop star in the group f(x), she is no stranger to the world of high society, including the expensive clothes, VIP parties and media coverage that comes with the territory. Let’s take a look at 7 of Krystal’s magazine shoots where she gave the impression of being a true heiress!

1. InStyle - March 2012

This is a solo shot from a flower-themed pictorial that featured both Krystal and Sulli. She wore a sweet, but stylish, black satin dress with a Peter Pan collar. With her bouquet of flowers, Krystal looks like she’s ready for a date with her “Heirs” boyfriend Yoon Chan Young (CNBlue’s Min Hyuk).

2. 1st Look - May 2012

Do the rich and powerful still have to follow uniform rules at school? Probably...but if they didn't, Krystal’s ensemble from SM Entertainment’s feature in 1st Look would be the perfect way to stand out. A crisp white shirt and pleated skirt give a nod to the traditional school look, which is accessorized with patent brogues and tortoise shell spectacles. Talk about studying in style!

3. Marie Claire - July 2012

Nothing says “heiress” better than designer dresses! This particular frock is from one of the top names in fashion, Marc Jacobs. If you stuck a tiara on Krystal’s head, this look would fit right in with the group promo photo released for the show.

4. OhBoy! - September 2012

Speaking of designer dresses, how about one from the iconic fashion house Valentino? That is exactly who designed the dress Krystal wore in this shoot. Just like an heiress, the little black dress is meant to stand out considering the giant white bow that adorns the shoulder. She matches this bow with another large black one in her hair.

5. High Cut - January 2013

Inheriting a company can’t be all fun and games right? Your father, the CEO, may actually expect you to show up at the office and work once and a while to learn how to run things. But that is definitely no reason to dress in dowdy business suits. Krystal dresses up in a sleek skirt and sleeveless blouse with a ruffled collar. She keeps the look playful with tousled hair and a floral hair piece. Who said being professional has to be plain?

6. Vogue - March 2013

Krystal’s look for this shoot is effortlessly chic. The kaleidoscope-print skirt and rhinestone-trimmed blouse are slightly trendy without being over the top. The draped jacket gives the whole ensemble a polished, modern feel. It’s just the type of fashion you could expect to find at the premium shopping mall run by the fictional Jeguk Group.

7. 1st Look - May 2013

Being an heiress can lead to many special privileges, such as couture clothing or one-of-a-kind designs. Krystal shows off her own exclusive piece of high fashion in this pictorial. It features an intricate, hand-constructed dress covered in thousands of colorful feathers. The dress was from the design competition show Project Runway Korea.

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Jessie is a writer for Kfashionista.com, a K-pop fashion blog. Check it out for more on your favorite idols and their styles, including Krystal Jung!