Running Man’s Kim Jong Kook is such a sweet, hilarious guy that I’m sure all of us have secretly wanted him to be our real, blood-related oppa. Apr. 25 is his birthday and we wanted to congratulate him in a special way. Take a look at 7 times Running Man's Kim Jong Kook made us laugh.

1. His mother wants him to get her a “grandchild from somewhere if he can’t marry”

“If he can’t marry, I hope he just gets me a grandchild first,” Kim Jong Kook’s mother said on Running Man making Lee Kwang Soo blush.

2. Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Kyo bursts into Lee Kwang Soo’s house, shocking Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki in a recent fan meeting revealed a funny episode with the Running Man members. “I fell asleep at Kwang Soo’s house once. Jong Kook hyung and Ji Hyo noona burst into Kwang Soo’s house, and I thought they were filming a show,” the Descendants of the Sun actor said.

“The next day, I woke up to find my car gone,” Lee Kwang Soo said, “Song Joong Ki had driven it.” “My car didn’t have gas,” Song Joong Ki explained.

3. Kim Jong Kook uses an archaic phone

True minimalist Kim Jong Kook shared that he uses an archaic, 2G phone, boasting that he would never lose his phone.

4. Kim Jong Kook taught Song Joong Ki how to exercise

“Jong Kook hyung taught me how to work out when I said I’m getting ready for a new drama,” Song Joong Ki said during his fan meeting, “He wished the best for my drama comeback.”

5. Kim Jong Kook gives Girls' Generation's Seohyun a piggyback ride

The two went on a sweet date in Garosugil, Seoul. This not only made us laugh but secretly wish our boyfriends were as strong as him!

6. Kim Jong Kook has had a crush on Yoon Eun Hye for 10 years

“Eun Hye's been my Ms. Right,” Kim Jong Kook said, “At least when Eun Hye and I filmed X-men together, I thought she was my woman. I wanted to protect her from other men in the program.”

7. Kim Jong Kook supports Monday Couple

“Gary and Song Ji Hyo need to go out at some point soon,” Kim Jong Gook said, "If they do, it will be good for Running Man."

Which points do you find the most hilarious? Tell us in the comments below!

Photos: Running Man / @sbs_runningman_sbs, Kim Jong Kook / @kjk76