So you just graduated from college and plan to be in a long-distance relationship with your college sweetheart? Read these tips for lovers in a long distance relationship to keep yours healthy and romantic!

1. Be honest

When you’re honest, you trust.

2. Communicate regularly

Find a rhythm that suits both of your lifestyles. Know your significant other’s schedule. Talk about friends, roommates, or whoever you spend time with the most in the absence of each other.

3. Be bold

Online communications are limited and do not convey the nuances of body language. Be direct in asking what you want in a conversation or a relationship. Be bold and inform them of your true feelings instead of hitting around the bush expecting them to know, which may cause trouble later on!

4. Have a longterm plan

Out of sight, out of mind. Being in a long distance relationship is not an end goal. You must plan to live in the same city sometime in the future. One of you might have to move jobs to be together. Discuss personal work and love prospects with your significant other.

5. Carpe diem

Make the most of the long distance relationship and don’t worry too much about the unknown future. This could be the time to delve into a hobby or professional development. Fill the emptiness from the partner’s absence with something constructive.

6. Build new memories

If you guys have to fly to meet, why not meet halfway and explore a city you’ve never been to?

7. Send love letters

Electronic communications do not carry the weight of an in-person conversation or the writing. Write a letter or an email to express in depth how much you love them.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Do you have any additional tips? Let us know below!!

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