There are so many wonderful television shows from all over the world. As Korean dramas are rapidly expanding and becoming popular all around the world as well, it would be very cool to see K-drama versions of our other favorite TV shows! Here are a few shows that would make interesting Korean dramas.

1. The Mindy Project

Picture a quirky gynecologist's office filled with a whole bunch of crazy characters with an incredibly hilarious and relatable female doctor at its core! The lovely Gong Hyo Jin would make a wonderful lead!

2. The Vampire Diaries

This show already has all the drama that K-Dramas usually are filled with. With two gorgeous vampire brothers falling in love with the same girl, you can be sure that it would be interesting to watch! Kim Woo Bin and Lee Soo Hyuk would make the perfect vampire brothers as well!

*I was going to suggest "True Blood" but that is way too much for a Korean Drama to handle lol

3. Misfits

This show consists of a group of 5 young offenders who develop super powers during an electrical storm. It would be refreshing for a K-Drama as all of the leads of the show would be flawed and in the process of completing community service. It would promise comedy as well, especially if actors like Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Seul Gi were cast!

4. Supernatural

Two amazingly good looking brothers who drive around the country saving people and hunting bad things; what more could you want in a show? The younger brother could be a total flower boy like Lee Jong Suk and the older brother could be a more manly type like Rain!

5. New Girl

The focus of the show is a completely wacky new girl that has just become roommates with a group of equally wacky guys after a horrible break up. This show has comedy written all over it! Jun Ji Hyun would make a hilarious lead actress in this as well!

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6. One Tree Hill

This show is a high school drama surrounding two half-brothers as they experience love, pain, and basketball. Talented young actors like Kang Ha Neul and Seo Kang Joon would make awesome leads!

7. Revenge

Revenge has all of the makings of the perfect K-Drama. A woman whose father was wrongly executed seeks to punish those who are responsible for it; it also takes place in the world of the rich and powerful. This show is so close to being a K-Drama already! Someone like Jin Se Yeon, Eung Jung (of T-Ara) or Min Hyo Rin could also play the main female lead!

What other shows do you think would make interesting K-Dramas?