It's that time again, where we say goodbye to the year that has passed and welcome in a new one, fresh with opportunities for personal growth and change. For many of us, it is also a time to make resolutions for how we will be better in the new year. While most resolutions tend to end as broken as the hearts of any second male lead, I promise that these resolutions are not only keepable, but they are going to make 2017 the best K-drama year yet.

1. Lose Weight (By crying)

The majority of our body is made of water, so what better way to shed a few unwanted pounds then by crying our eyes out. And nothing works my tear duct muscles better than a K-drama melodrama. Even if you are a big rom-commer like me, take the plunge into the world of heightened heartbreak to shed a little water weight and expand your K-drama horizons. I recommend Marriage Contract, 49 Days, or Mask as my personal tear-duct-cleansing faves.

2. Believe in Second Chances

Introspection. It’s how we grow. For me, it is examining the hard truths that there are some K-drama classics I have let slip by for really lame reasons like my family or my job. My K-drama BFF forever Tom has never totally forgiven me for bypassing My Love from Another Star. But it is never too late to make amends. So make this year the year you go back and find that one show everyone loved but didn’t hook you and give it another chance. It may surprise you. And if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for Tom.

(Tom's face when I told him I am wasn't watching MLFAS)

3. Face the Music

Every good K-drama fan needs a minimum of one K-pop playlist. I have several for my varying moods, from when I feel Cinderella and the Four Knights peppy to ball my eyes out Boys Over Flowers sad. If you aren’t sure where to start, just make a playlist of your favorite songs from shows. But remember, you aren’t a real K-drama fan until you have at least one song you could sing at karaoke when you bump into So Ji Sub at the airport and begin a hijinks-fueled rom-com love story of your own. There is no shame in being prepared.

(The way So Ji Sub is going to smile when he hears me sing.)

4. Add Some Spice to your Life

Kimchi. Bulgogi. Ddukbokkie. Hangover Stew. Soju. Even if you don’t live near an H-Mart, you need to incorporate some of the delicious foods and drinks you see onscreen into your real life. These amazing flavors must be experienced in the third dimension. After all, they say variety is the spice of life, and with so many side dishes to every meal, Korean cuisine can offer plenty of variety to choose from. And you never know what might happen in the kitchen!

5. Spend More Time with Friends and Family... getting them into K-drama. Having a K-drama bestie is the best, and getting the people you enjoy being with hooked on the things you enjoy watching is as perfect a pairing as a grim reaper and a goblin. While I have been known to use threats to get folks into K-dramas, I generally prefer the carrot method. Invite someone over, serve a delicious meal, drink Soju or rice wine, and watch two episodes of Coffee Prince. If they aren’t addicted by the time they leave, they are no friend worth having anyway. Life is too short for people who can’t obsess over Gong Yoo.

6. Talk the Talk

Research has shown that passive listening (like watching television shows) can assist in learning a new language, so take what you’ve been learning in those bingy marathons and tell the one you love they are your "Oppa," your morning coffee that it is "daebak," and tell everyone you can, "saranghae," because life is short, and if K-dramas have taught us anything, it is that we shouldn’t waste a moment.

7. Add a little "Fighting!" into Your Day

Make 2017 the year you live big and follow your heart, and when you are feeling a little uncertain, just remember "Fighting!" Me and Choi Si Won are rooting for you.

There you go, K-drama friends! Any resolutions to add to keep your K-drama mojo strong in 2017?


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