In his most recent dramas Producer (Baek Seung Chan) and My Love From Another Star (Do Min Joon), Kim Soo Hyun played quite opposite characters, which just shows how amazing an actor he is. His character Do Min Joon was the perfect man who's got everything any girl could wish for. On the other hand, his character Baek Seung Chan was a naive, wacky boy who's inexperienced in love. Here are 7 comparisons between My Love From Another Star's Do Min Joon and Producer's Baek Seung Chan. Take a look! 

1. Korea's top actresses fall in love with him

Korea's top actress Chun Song Yi falls in love with Do Min Joon in My Love From Another Star. Likewise, Korea's top female idol singer Cindy falls in love with Baek Seung Chan in Producer.

2. A smoking hot alien v. New staff no one likes

My Love From Another Star's Do Min Joon is a hot alien who sees through time and saves the girl of his life. On the other hand, Producer's Baek Seung Chan is a new producer whom everyone blames for their team's poor performance, and awkwardly has a crush on Korea's top singer Cindy (IU).

3. An experienced professor v. Entry-level producer

My Love From Another Star's Do Min Joon is a 400-year-old alien disguised as a qualified university lecturer. Producer's Baek Seung Chan is an entry-level TV show producer who's yet to prove his performance.

Watch Kim Soo Hyun's performance on My Love From Another Star:

4. Ability to read people’s minds v. Awkward miscommunications

My Love From Another Star's Do Min Joon can stop time and perform other cool super powers. Producer's Baek Seung Chan is awkward and often miscommunicates, which causes him to get scolded by his boss Ra Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun).

5. Distances others from him v. Cares for others

My Love From Another Star's Do Min Joon isn't a social person. He believes human's feelings are foolish and childlike and distances himself from others. Producer's Baek Seung Chan, on the other hand, is caring of others and makes Korea's top star Cindy fall in love with him.

6. Cynical about love v. Forward about love

My Love From Another Star's Do Min Joon defines love as a mere curiosity, jealousy, habit or confusion, and takes time to warm up to the love of his life, Chun Song Yi (Jeon Ji Hyun). Producer's Baek Seung Chan is very forward about his hopeless crush, and pursues it even when his love interest is living with another man.

7. If there's one thing they have in common, it's that they know how to kiss!

Don't they?! On a side note, Producer's Baek Seung Chan has kissed all three main leads Tak Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin), Cindy ( IU) and even Ra Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun).

Watch Kim Soo Hyun's performance in Producer:

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