Lee Min Ho has millions of fans around the world. These adoring fans have been preparing for days to celebrate his 29th birthday (Korean age). One group even dove under the sea to make a point. Let's take a look at some different ways the fans are celebrating and wishing Lee Min Ho a happy, happy birthday. 

1. Send gifts of custom-made candies or biscuits: (photo cr: Minoz_Peace, Romanson and Minoz Charity)

These beautiful packages of special treats are custom-made and printed with Lee Min Ho's photos and the fan clubs' names. 

2. Make a video to show their affection for Lee Min Ho: (This cute video is from Minoz México Oficial.)

Their heartfelt message to Lee Min Ho: 

"More than 200 Mexican hearts pounding for you... Love breaks any distance. Minoz Mexico always with you. Happy Birthday!!! We love you."

3. Make a special Happy Birthday card and post online: (This card is from Anna, a fan who lives in Europe.)

4.  Post happy birthday wishes via social media accounts such as Twitter with these hashtags: #HappyLeeMinhoDay #HappyBdayLeeMinho #Happy29thBirthdayLeeMinHo:

(cr: Sheema is from Pakistan)

5. Buy a billboard at Seoul Subway Line's Sinsa Station to wish him happy birthday.

The message in Chinese reads, "Happy Birthday to Min Ho. Always be happy."

6. Dive under the sea to say happy birthday!

Two divers representing two fan clubs, Lee Min Ho International and Asia Minoz, dove into the sea at Pulau Perhentian Terengganu in Malaysia to make a unique undersea video for Lee Min Ho's birthday. 

The video shows them using sign language to say "I Love You" in the beautifully clear blue waters surrounded by coral reefs.

Diving under the sea is definitely above and beyond the usual birthday celebration!

7. Finally, write a special birthday article about Lee Min Ho

I'm so happy that I got to write about Lee Min Ho for his birthday last year with this article, and then two more articles for this year.

How about you? Are you doing anything special, or simply watch one of his classics such as Boys Over Flowers to celebrate his birthday?

Watch Lee Min Ho in Heirs:

~ NancyZdramaland

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