There is a special sadness associated with the end of a completely satisfying show, and that sadness, much like the loss of your first love, is bittersweet. You learned so much, you loved so hard, but alas, fate has other plans. And so, like a thread of destiny cut too soon, we must say goodbye to Healer. But don’t worry, K-drama friends, there are plenty of ways to get over the loss of a show, and here are my seven recommendations to dull the ache that Healer has left in our hearts.

1. Watch Ji Chang Wook in KARA's Secret Love

Need a quick Healer fix to heal your broken heart? No problem. Watch Ji Chang Wook as an adorable guardian angel in KARA’s Secret Love. It’s only a two-episode arc, and he smiles so much more than he gets to in Healer. Trust me, Ji Chang Wook smiling is a good, good thing.

2. Watch Bachelor’s Vegetable Store
Two episodes of Ji Chang Wook just not enough for you? Join the club. Quench your thirst with Bachelor's Vegetable Store. Also, because this show has the word vegetable in the title, it means it’s good for you too.

3. Satisfy your need for vengeance with City Hunter

If you haven’t seen it already (and why haven't you already?!?), City Hunter is the rebound show for you. You get to keep the vengeance, action, betrayal,  and Park Min Young (but with way better hair). Plus both Healer and City Hunter have kind of lame names. And instead of Ji Chang Wook, you get Lee Min Ho, which is a decent trade any day of the week. 

4. Watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal

If Someday News had existed in the Josean Era, they would have totally done an expose on Park Min Young's character pretending to be a boy in an elite all-male school. This is a gem of a show, and if you found Park Min Young adorable in Healer, you’ll certainly find her adorable in Sungkyunkwan Scandal too. 

5. Get a Little More Ajhumma in Your Life

Kim Mi Kyung is such a versatile actress, and she always seems like she must be having so much fun playing her wild characters — Healer's world-class hacker being no exception. If you need a little more of her, try out Master’s Sun or Heirs. She steals the show in whatever she is in.

6. Listen to the Healer Soundtrack

Never in my life would I think I would have a song by a Danish band named Michael Learns to Rock on repeat on my playlist, but if loving K-dramas has taught me anything, it's to never say never (and expect amnesia at any moment). 

Note: Make sure you do this somewhere you can also cry uncontrollably. For a list of the best songs from this memorable OST, go here.

7. Binge watch it again.

Rarely do I want to start a show over the moment it ends, but this one had so much nerve-wracking suspense, I find it might be worth starting from the beginning without having to feel so on the edge. This time around, I can really dedicate that time to ogling Ji Chang Wook. And I think that is the least our Healer deserves.

So there you have it, seven ways to try to heal the void in your heart by the end of another good show. What are you doing to move on? 

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