Have you ever heard of conception dreams, or tae-mong (태몽)? In Korea, before a woman gets pregnant, she or someone close to her has a taemong. Taemong is a telling sign of early pregnancy. Sometimes, it can tell something about the baby, like gender or personality. Why this info about taemong? We wanted to show that, traditionally, Koreans have had respect for the supernatural. In this list, we’ll showcase quality K-dramas that deal with supernatural powers—to be specific, the ability to see or communicate with spirits and ghosts. Scroll down to reveal!

1. The Master's Sun (17 Total episodes SBS 2013)

So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin starred in this 2013 hit, in which she played Tae Gong Sil, a woman who sees ghosts. This was her second collaboration with the Hong sisters scriptwriters, which obviously resulted in the drama’s success! If you’re in the mood for a light romantic comedy with a twist, this drama is for you.

2. Oh My Ghostess (16 Total episodes tvN 2015)

Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk’s chemistry was irreplaceable in Oh My Ghostess, in which Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Ki have their bodies swapped! It turns out ghost Kim Seul Ki has died a virgin and can’t get her hands off of the hottie Jo Jung Suk! Like Master’s Sun, Oh My Ghostess is a romantic comedy ghost story that isn’t horrifying! Here are 10 reasons why we loved it so much.

3. Who Are You (16 Total episodes tvN 2013)

Ok Taec Yeon and So Yi Hyun, a cop who can see ghosts and her detective sidekick, are forced to work together despite their bickering relationship. As Taec Yeon starts to develop romantic feelings for her, they discover her dead boyfriend, who appears as a spirit!

4. The Night Watchman's Journal (24 Total episodes MBC 2014)

Set in the ancient Joseon dynasty, where people and ghosts live in the same land, the night watchmen patrol the dark nights to protect people against the ghosts. Prince Jung Il Woo wants to serve his people as a watchman, but eventually realizes he can do so much more for his people if he becomes the king of Joseon.

5. Cheo Yong (10 Total episodes OCN 2014)

A great thriller mystery, Cheo Yong stars a detective who sees the dead.

This drama has less fuzzy romance than other dramas on this list. Instead, it focuses on the thriller/mystery storyline. A detective, who sees the dead meets a ghost, who died as a high school student, and receives help from her in solving many cases.

6. Mirror of the Witch (20 Total episodes JTBC 2016)

Also set in Joseon dynasty, sorceress Kim Sae Ron, a born princess who now lives in the mountains, captures Yoon Si Yoon’s heart!

7. Let's Fight Ghost (16 Total episodes tvN 2016)

Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon show off their great chemistry in this supernatural action drama about an exorcist and a ghost. Don’t let us spoil it for you—watch the greatness of it all yourself!

Which of these 7 supernatural dramas is your absolute favorite?


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