Rain fans are more than excited for his new body-switching drama Come Back, Mister, but with a few days left to spare until its release on DramaFever, they are all left wondering what to watch until then. Well, to help with this issue and rising anticipation, here is a list of 7 movies and dramas starring Rain to marathon before watching Come Back, Mister:

1.) Sang Doo, Let's Go To School 

In one of his first leading drama roles, Rain impressed us all with his portrayal of the unfortunate Cha Sang Doo and his unique romance with his childhood sweetheart, Chae Eun Hwan (Gong Hyo Jin). As children, Sang Doo and Eun Hwan were best friends who were separated after an incident that resulted in Sang Doo's wrongful imprisonment. Years later, in order to pay for his sick daughter's medical bills, Sang Doo becomes a gigolo and reunites with his lost love, who now works as a high school math teacher. In an attempt to regain her affections, Sang Doo re-enrolls with the intentions of winning her heart, which leads to a charming and emotional melodrama that is sure to shed a few tears. 


Sang Doo, Let's Go To School

Starring Rain (Bi) and Gong Hyo Jin

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2.) Full House 

This well-known series not only set the standard for its successors as one of the most commercially successful Korean dramas of all time, but it also contained one of Rain's most recognizable and well-known roles as the spoiled actor Lee Young Jae. Revolving around the exploits of naive screenwriter Han Ji Eun (Song Hye Gyo), this romantic comedy takes a rather abrupt start when she is abandoned in China by her friends and must receive help from the hotshot actor she sat next to on the plane ride there. Upon returning to Korea, Ji Eun discovers that she literally has no home to return to because it was sold to the same man from the plane, Lee Young Jae, who, in a strange twist of fate, proposes marriage to her to avoid a media scandal. In hopes to get her home back, Ji Eun agrees to marry Young Jae for a year, which results in an awkward, yet endearing romance. 

3.) A Love To Kill 

Rain showed us his tough, intimidating side in this revenge-fueled melodrama as Kang Bok Gu, a reclusive K-1 fighter who devises an elaborate plan to get back at Cha Eun Suk (Shin Min Ah), an up-and-coming actress whom he blames for ruining his brother's life. To avenge his brother, Bok Gu becomes her bodyguard with the intention of seducing her and eventually breaking her heart, but he becomes hesitant as he begins to actually fall for the young girl. With an intriguingly dark and emotionally driven storyline, A Love To Kill is a definite watch for any fan of Rain or melodramas.


A Love to Kill

Starring Rain (Bi) and Shin Min Ah

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4.) I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay

Rain's Korean film debut is a must-watch for anyone who loves unique, genre-bending storylines with insanely lovable characters or Rain in general. Within the movie, the lead protagonist, Young Goon (Im Soo Jung), truly believes that she is a cyborg and is institutionalized when she stops eating and tries to commit suicide. While there, she meets Il Soon (Rain), a young patient who believes he can steal people's souls. He quickly develops a fascination with her and makes it his mission to help her regain her will to live life. Although often viewed as an odd or disturbing film, this movie will never bore you with its quirky humor and occasional gore. 


I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK

Starring Im Soo Jung and Rain (Bi)

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5.) R2B: Return to Base 

Looking for an action-packed thriller with your favorite international singer-songwriter/actor? Well look no further! In this film, Rain plays Captain Jung Tae Yoon, a talented, yet troublemaking Air Force pilot who gets demoted to a combat flying unit under the command of Major Lee Cheol Hee (Yoo Jun Sang) after being reckless at an air show. The two pilots find themselves constantly butting heads until they are caught in the midst of the nuclear drama between North and South Korea, which results in a high-flying adventure that will keep any action fans on the edge of their seats. 


R2B: Return to Base

Starring Rain (Bi) and Shin Se Kyung

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6.) Diamond Lover 

For those of you who are fans of the more classic, Cinderella-esque genre, I would recommend Rain's more recent Chinese drama, Diamond Lovers. In this series, he plays Xiao Liang, the CEO of the world's biggest diamond company who is reserved, strict, and counts every penny when doing business. He often closes himself off from people and insists that relationships have no worth in his life until he meets Mi Dou (Tiffany Tang), who changes his life views and teaches him what it means to be happy. Overall, it's a great drama, plus constantly seeing Rain in a suit is a pleasant sight in itself. 

7.) My Lovable Girl

Rain shows us his more sensitive side in this musical Korean drama as Lee Hyun Wook, a music producer who become heartbroken after the tragic death of his girlfriend. Since then, each day is a struggle in maintaining his appearance as CEO of a top talent agency until Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung), his departed girlfriend's little sister, moves to Seoul to become a songwriter. Together, with the help of music, the two learn to heal their wounds and find love in one another in this adorable romantic comedy that will make any Rain fan swoon. 


My Lovable Girl

Starring Rain (Bi) and Krystal Jung

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What's your favorite movie or drama with Rain? Any others you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to watch the premiere of Come Back, Mister this Wednesday!


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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