It's never too late to find true love. A 72-year-old man married a 27-year-old woman in China earlier this year. The age gap is so wide that he is even older than his mother-in-law by six years. However, the young wife was the one who proposed. This recent photo shows the happy couple with their baby.

Their unusual story began in the summer of 2001 when Fong's father got a stroke. Fong's family was very poor and could not afford regular hospital care. Wen knew something about medical care and started to help take care of Fong's father. Since Wen was a widower, it became easier for him to room and board at Fong's house. At that time, Fong was only 15. However, Fong apparently had some childhood psychological trauma and had frequent headaches and cramps, so Wen also helped take care of her.

Fong's father passed away in 2006, and Wen continued to live at Fong's house to help Fong. They came to rely on each other for support. When Fong's condition gradually stabilized a few years later, her family decided it was time for her to marry. Wen also felt it was time for him to leave.

However, Fong had developed feelings for Wen. She felt that Wen was the only man who could make her feel secure. She refused the marriage offer, went to Wen and said, "I want to live with you and take care of you." She was 23 and Wen was already 68.

Wen refused at first. He didn't like their 45-year age gap and was concerned about how her family would react. Fong didn't care. She simply moved in. In December of 2012, Fong became pregnant and wanted to keep the baby. They got married and the baby was born in August 2013. They believed that the baby was a blessing from heaven and named him Tian Tian, as Tian means heaven in Chinese.

Seeing how happy Wen and Fong are together, Fong's mother is not against their marriage anymore. Wen's 42-year old daughter is also happy that there's someone nice taking care of her father. When the baby reached 100 days of age, everyone celebrated in a party held according to Chinese custom. Wen said, "This is the happiest moment in my life."

Perhaps Fong said it best in describing their marriage, "We don't have wild romance. We just live an ordinary life, and this is happiness."