She may look like a granny, but in her heart lives a young woman in love. This 75-year old woman proves that love, especially first love, stays in your heart forever. Watch her publicly profess her undying affections for her lost love--this'll hit you right in the feels!

In her own words:

I don't want anything. I don't need a dowry. I don't even need well wishes from anyone. I just want Li Chen. I will go to him.

Now, I have no more responsibility. My husband already passed away. My children are grown and are living a good life. They've agreed.

Because, I love Zhang Li Chen more than my life. The number of times I've thought of him is more than the stars in the sky.

I missed out on the chance to marry him in the past, and I don't want to ever miss it again.

I want to shout out to him: "Li Chen, I love you! I'll love you forever! I want to marry you!"

I will make him regain that feeling from 40 years ago, the kind of itchy feeling in your heart when you want someone but can't get that person. (Aww... this is so true in the angst we see on Asian dramas.)

Best wishes to her finding her true love. Doesn't she make you recall your first love, or the smell of the fragrant rose you received for the first time in your life?