Do you ever wonder why the hottest days of August are called the dog days of summer? Oh sure, brainy people will tell you it has to do with Sirius the dog star and its position in the heavens, but we here at DramaFever know the real reason: it’s the time when you watch all your favorite dramas with adorable dogs, of course! I’ll include cats too, just for you cat people. I’m a giver that way.

8. Flower Boy Next Door


She’s not peeping on the handsome man across the way. Nope, nuh uh, she’s just making sure his adorable dog is not injured. That said, "dog watching" leads to an eyeful of bare chest and ridiculous panda hat that is just gravy.

7. Oh My Ghostess


K-drama heroes are not allowed to say they dislike dogs without being immediately won over by one. I think it is a rule somewhere. Almost positive. This rule seems to be illustrated best by Jo Jung Suk in Oh My Ghostess: “I don’t like dogs!” BOOM! Immediately adopts a dog that can, oh yeah, sense ghosts. A good dog to have when a ghost is out to use his — ahem — manly vigor.

6. City Hunter

city hunter.png

In between all the sweet action smack downs dished out by Lee Min Ho, the Unstoppable Fist of Justice gets stymied by a pampered dog. Taking down government corruption that goes all the way to the top? No problem. Dealing with a dog? Uhhhhh....

5. Modern Farmer


The first of three Lee Hong Ki entries — he must really like animals. Although, to be fair, the dog in Modern Farmer was not Hong Ki’s; it was Lee Si Un’s ultimate sad sack character, Han Cheol’s, dog. The dog was smarter than the brain trust that comprised Excellent Souls, and was the dog ex machina that saved the day.

4 Sensory Couple


Who needs musical cues of Imminent Serial Killerhood with a yappy little dog that scratches frantically at a basement door? If that doesn’t set off every Alert Watcher Alarm in your head, I don’t know what will. Every time Shin Se Kyung’s Oh Cho Rim went to the house to take care of Moongchi, I got nervous.

3 Couple or Trouble

couple pets.png 

For a month after watching this show, my K-drama watching buddy and I would call to each other “Princess!” in Joanna’s peevish tone. The hearty laugh I got from Oh Ji Oh first selling, then buying back, then trading, Joanna’s temperamental Persian for his nephews’ beloved dog sealed the affection I have for this drama.

2 Bride of the Century

botc coverkitten.png 

Oh the Pee Cat! Little did I know when I first started goofing on you that you would become the metaphor for this entire crazy drama! All I really understood was that I could not get enough pictures of Lee Hong Ki solemnly holding a fluffy, white kitten. I still can’t. I’m glad that I can resurrect the picture once again. That’s so cute it deserves a second picture:

botC Peecat.png

1. You’re Beautiful


Jolie, Jeremy’s sweet golden retriever, was there for him in the highs and lows of his one-sided romance. Jeremy was simply the human version of Jolie: fun, playful, big hearted, ready to love unconditionally, and with crazy blond hair that was all over the map.

Honorable Mention: Master’s Sun


Sure they are GHOST pets, and we don’t actually see them, but should that stop us all from enjoying Gong Hyo Jin channeling both dog and cat to So Ji Sub’s confused horror? No. No, it should not. A horrified So Ji Sub is just as delightful as an irritated So Ji Sub.

What’s your favorite drama pet? Let me know in the comments!

Watch the cute K-drama dog in Oh My Ghostess: