Joo Won will be taking over the DramaFever movie screen this weekend in Steal My Heart alongside Kim Ah Joong. Since Joo Won is a seasoned actor with several dramas under his belt, that means he also has some great K-drama moments. Here are 8 awesome GIFs from some of our favorite dramas starring Joo Won.

1. Bridal MaskHis character, the ambitious and cruel Lee Kang To, was actually very compelling to watch as the series developed. Also, the wink helps...

2. Good Doctor: The sweet and talented Park Shi On was a complex character. While struggling with autism, he also struggled to deal with other people. The relationship between him and Dr. Cha was one of the most awkward, yet touching, things Dramaland has witnessed. It was this role that really secured Joo Won's talent for me.

3-4. Baker King Kim Tak GooWhile the character Goo Ma Joon was technically the bad guy, he had lots of great moments in the drama. The scene where he teases Shin Yoo Kyung before kissing her is one of the best I've seen... enough that it deserves two GIFs to get the point across.

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5-6. Ojakgyo Family: Joo Won played detective Hwang Tae Hee, a man who is in love with Ja Eun, the girl whose father supposedly killed his birth father. It's complicated... but Joo Won plays a pretty convincing drunk in this scene.

7-8. Tomorrow's CantabileBased of the manga Nodame Cantabile, this series is coming soon to DramaFever! Joo Won will play music prodigy Cha Yoo Jin, who was my favorite character. These GIFs from the second series teaser have me excited for this drama! Sign up for series alerts HERE.

Don't forget to watch Steal My Heart TODAY for DramaFever Premium members and this weekend for non-premium users. Watch the trailer below:

What do you think of Joo Won? What is your favorite character he has played? Are you anticipating Tomorrow's Cantabile as much as I am?  Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below or send me a tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!