1. Doraemon condoms in a can

With Doraemon on the can, you might think this is cat food, but nope! Each can holds ten condoms. Protection is important, but Doraemon is not the guy to put most people in the mood...

2. Just what are you trying to say, Pikachu??

The straw placement makes this totally inappropriate! And is it just me or is Pikachu coming off just a little bit arrogant in this one?

3. The Pokebra

I'm not sure why this is considered sexy, but the pokebra has a lot of fans out there, with how-to guides and everything. Even worse?

4. Totoro pasties

What would Satsuki and Mei's Dad say if he saw this? Come on, this is totes inappropes!

5. Hello Kitty vibrator

Completely, utterly inappropriate! This "classic" item from Japan makes us suspicious every time we see her now. What's she doing with that bear?

6. This guy...

7. Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Technically, definitely not an anime. Still, this is making us look at TMNT in a completely wrong way. The worst part is that as teenagers, they're underage!

8. Pokemon STDs

Whoever made this, their heart was in the right place. Indeed, you do not want to catch ALL the STDs. But we will never look at these poor Pokemon again in the same way. And did they have to add HP?