Once again the holiday season is upon us. With Thanksgiving a few days away and Christmas coming just around corner, it's a time for families to get together and bond over food and gift exchanges. This holiday season, though, we give you yet another thing to bond over with nine Asian dramas about family so that you can share what you love with those you love. 

1.)  Substitute Princess 

One of the things I loved most about this Taiwanese drama was the relationship between the main character, Jin Da Hua (Nikki Hsieh), and her family.  The entire reason why the story's plot even began was because her father had lost their family's store due to his gambling addiction and she loved her family enough to sacrifice her happiness in order to fix the problem. The mother-daughter relationship is very close, and it makes her departure from her family rather heartbreaking. Although her close family dynamic causes problems later on, it's actually quite endearing when you think about it. Overall, a touching story about both family and love that I would recommend to anyone looking for a show to watch with their family. 

2.) Heirs

Although they're not always pleasant, this K-drama is full of family situations like Kim Tan's (Lee Min Ho) strained relationship with with his father, his wonderful relationship with his real mother, his strange relationship with his half-brother, and Eun Sang's (Park Shin Hye) close relationship with her mother and saddening situation with her sister. From the beginning, you are introduced to every character's family relationships, whether they are positive or negative. Family is a major theme throughout this entire series, which makes for a very interesting watch. This is definitely a drama to watch if you want a range of family dynamics. 

3.) Cinderella's Sister 

Honestly, I felt so awful for the main character, Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young), because she deals with a lot because of her mother and step-sister. This drama has a lot to do with family, but it is generally not positive. Eun Jo's mother tends to not care about her as much as her step-sister, with whom she does not have a good relationship, and her younger brother. One of the positive relationships in this series, however, is the one between her and her step-father, which comes as a pleasant surprise to the viewer. Overall, it's a series to watch if you want to feel better about your family in comparison to this very, very dysfunctional one. 

4.) It's Okay, Daddy's Girl 

A touching Korean drama about a family overcoming difficult times with emphasis on father-daughter relationships (hence the title). The story seems to go along with the central theme of a father's unique role in his child's moral growth, but it occasionally shows other relationships between family members, one of which being the refreshing relationship between the Choi brothers. Although it tends to be slow in storyline and plot build-up, it is definitely a K-drama to watch if you want something emotional or father-daughter related. 

5.) Dear Mom 

This Taiwanese drama about a mom's concern for her four daughter's lives was a breath of fresh air for me. Although she tends to be over the top and nosy, she always keeps their best interests in mind, which makes for a very family-oriented plot. The story tends to focus on the daughters and their mother, but it also has elements with their father and each daughter's love interest. With 84 episodes, this drama touches bases on a lot of family issues and controversial topics, but overall it was very well done and is a great watch that has a lot of mother-daughter relationships and a little bit of everything else. 

6.) Bluebird's House

This drama revolves a lot around family and touches on familial topics such as family relationships (whether they are blood-related or not), parental expectations of their children's success, and a child's sense of filial duty. There is also a lot of emphasis on inter-generational conflicts about love and society's definition of family. It's a very complex show in terms of relationships and story with a lot of classic tropes like amnesia and birth secrets, which makes for an interesting watch over the course of 50 episodes. It gives a lot of hindsight on family relations in South Korea and is a good watch if you want variety in a connected story line

7.) Tiger Mom 

 A Chinese drama about a strong, discipline-oriented tiger mom and a husband with the total opposite view on raising their daughter explores a part of being a family that many of us seem to gloss over at times: the struggles of being a parent. This drama centers around the upbringing of a child from a parental perspective and shows just what lengths parents are willing to go through for the happiness and well-bring of their child, but also brings up the question "Is it worth it all?" I would definitely recommend this drama to parents and their children because it gives perspective on the challenges of keeping a family together. 

8.) Bitter Sweet 

This drama is a great example of adapting and changing in order to develop stronger family relationships. This story is about a retired colonel who has raised his four children on nothing but tough love, which creates a rift in their relationship. This show is both funny and a lesson in family with a life lesson in each episode and emphasis on just what it means to be a good family. 

9. Answer Me 1988

A story about five friends who grew up together and their families that contains both a compelling coming of age story and a large emphasis on family. With a range of family interactions and dynamics, this show is another quality recommendation if some of the others aren't your cup of tea. 

Are there any other dramas you would add to this list? Did you watch any of these with your family? Tell us in the comments below! 

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