Gangnam Blues starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won is making its way to DramaFever this weekend. While we know pretty much everything about Min Ho, it's time to become detectives and look into his film costar. What better way to do that than through his previous roles? Here are 8 dramas that feature Kim Rae Won (and you should marathon right after you watch the movie)!

1. Gourmet -

Culinary dramas always seem to be really popular. In this drama, Rae Won's character Sung Chan is orphaned and ends up having to battle his adoptive brother to see who will take over the family business when their father announces a battle for the rights, but he decides to leave instead. With his budding creativity he becomes a food peddler, but will he ever return and become a proper chef? Will the longtime "brothers" be able to repair their relationship? Only time will tell!

2. What Planet Are You From?

Rae Won plays filmmaker Choi Seung Hee who tragically loses his girlfriend. Three years later, he runs into a girl that looks exactly like her and ends up falling in love again, but who is she? Where does she come from? Most importantly, why do they look the same? And did he fall in love with Bok Shil earnestly or is it just because she reminds him of the love he's lost?

3. A Thousand Day's Promise -

Lee Seo Yeon is a ghostwriter and editor who's led a difficult life ever since her mother abandoned both her and her brother. She falls in love with Park Ji Hyung, played by Rae Won, a friend of her older cousin who also happens to be engaged to someone else. Though his marriage has been arranged practically since birth, his heart is deeply loyal to Seo Yeon. The two of them have a complicated relationship, as she doesn't want to marry him and have him abandon his wealthy family for her, and he finds himself unable to break up his engagement. But their love is tested when Seo Yeon finds that she is slowly losing all of her memory.

4. My Love Patzzi -

Traditional Cinderella? Nah! Quick-tempered Song Yi and sweet-natured Hee Won are best friends as children...until Hee Won steals Song Yi's crush. From then on, the two become life-long rivals. After losing her job, Song Yi is forced to accept a job offer from Hee Won at the amusement park where she works. Humiliated once again by her job as the park's mascot, Song Yi crawls her way out of a bad situation by finding a different job at the park, and things seem to be looking up, but everything changes when her old crush, Hyung Sung (played by Rae Won) reappears. Things become even more complicated when a weird chain of events puts the park owner's son, Seung Joon, into Song Yi's arms.

5. Attic Cat -

Rae Won plays law student Lee Kyung Min, who is used to getting what he wants: raised by indulgent grandparents, he spends his days chasing girls and enjoying the finer things in life. There's only one person he really cares about—Na Hye Ryun. Unbeknownst to Kyung Min, Hye Ryun has her heart set on someone else. When Hye Ryun ignores Kyung Min, he tries to become closer to her by getting to know one of her friends, Nam Jung Eun. Having failed employment exams repeatedly, Jung Eun, the daughter of a poor family, has been reduced to selling newspapers to get enough money to rent an apartment. When things go sour for Jung Eun money-wise, Kyung Min jumps in to help, hoping to impress Hye Ryun but he fails, and Jung Eun is angry to find out she's been played. When things so south for Kyung Min, he collects on Jung Eun's debt. Jung Eun is too kind-hearted to turn him away... what will happen when a selfish, demanding young lawyer and a self-sacrificing but stubborn young woman live together?

6. Punch -

When Park Jung Hwan (Kim Rae Won), the chief of the anti-corruption investigation team for the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, learns that he has a malignant brain tumor that gives him only 6 months to live, he decides to throw his final punch at the criminal world before he says farewell to life.

7. Say You Love Me -

After Byung Soo is adopted into Young Chae's family, the two grow up inseparable, bound by deep ties. Young Chae's dream is to become a film director, and Byung Soo becomes a producer at a film company in order to help her out. Young Chae's devotion to Byung Soo attracts the attention of the company's president, the brilliant, ruthless Yi Na. Yi Na's empty relationship with her boyfriend Hee Soo drives her to jealousy and she hatches a plot to drive a wedge between the close duo.

8. Snowman -

Suh Yeon Wook meets Detective Han Pil Seung after being dragged into the police station for bad behavior. After spewing insults to the young officer, she discovers—to her horror—that he is her sister's fiancée. Over time, she warms up to Pil Seung, and things take a complicated turn when Yeon Wook realizes that her feelings for her brother-in-law are more than friendship. Meanwhile, Cha Sung Joon, played by Rae Won, is an old friend of Yeon Wook's and has fallen for her. Aware of her feelings for Pil Seung, he decides to put his own feelings aside, but a terrible tragedy soon changes everything and Yeon Wook is faced with some difficult decisions.

He has definitely had some impressive work! Gangnam Blues is also said to be an extremely impressive film. Rae Won's character, Baek Yong Ki, looks like he has been through some really tough times.

Here's a synposis: "Before Gangnam's rise as Seoul's trendiest district, it was a poor neighborhood rife with corruption. Growing up as orphans, Kim Jong Dae and Baek Yong Ki become sworn brothers, but go their separate ways when Jong Dae is adopted by an honest family, while Seoul's most powerful gang recruits Yong Ki. Now deeply entrenched in the development war, both Jong Dae and Yong Ki fall prey to a scheme that could cost them not only their home, but their lives." Sound interesting? Watch the trailer below! (WARNING: Intended for mature audiences only!)

Are you a fan of Kim Rae Won? Have you seen any of these dramas? Will you be joining us for Gangnam Blues? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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