If you're a true K-drama fan, you have definitely fantasized about possible K-drama couple combinations. There are some actors who would be perfect together but have never starred together in a drama. But this doesn't stop us from imagining the possibilities!

It's hard to imagine that some of these famous actors have never worked together. Check out their DramaFever pages if you don't believe me! Despite never working together, the couples listed below would be fantastic in a K-drama. We can definitely hope for the future that all of our favorite actors and actresses will star together.

So scroll through and see if your dream couple made the list! And comment down below to let us know who your dream K-drama couple is!

1. Kim Woo Bin and Park Min Young

Park Min Young and Kim Woo Bin would make a beautiful on-screen couple. They both have great comedic timing and would be a blast together. Both actors also have a history doing intense action dramas and movies, so they could definitely work as a power couple in a new thrilling drama.

2. Jang Hyuk and Ha Ji Won

Believe it or not, these two veteran drama stars have never been in a K-drama together! They came close when Jang Hyuk was almost cast as Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden, but Hyun Bin was chosen instead to play opposite the beautiful Ha Ji Won. I can’t be the only one who thinks these two would make the perfect star-crossed K-drama couple. Come on, Korea!

3. Lee Min Ho and Kang So Ra

Lee Min Ho is well overdue for a new drama, and Kang So Ra is on fire right now. She’s currently starring in the upcoming Jeju Island Gatsby, but she would be perfect alongside Lee Min Ho in a future drama! Both Min Ho and So Ra play great headstrong characters, so they would definitely be entertaining to watch on screen.

4. Hyun Bin and Yoon Eun Hye

I can’t believe these two have never been in a drama together! They are both fantastic actors, and their styles would definitely compliment each other. Not to mention, they are both beautiful people and would definitely have great chemistry on camera. A Hyun Bin and Yoon Eun Hye drama is definitely on the top of my wish list!

5. Lee Jong Suk and IU

Can’t you picture it? The Pinocchio star and Producer cutie would be fantastic in a light-hearted romantic comedy. I’m not sure who would be voted cutest if these two ever became a drama couple!

6. Kim Soo Hyun and Gu Hye Sun

The Producer star and Boys Over Flowers queen would certainly make an entertaining couple. Gu Hye Sun is incredibly talented and would be well matched with Kim Soo Hyun on screen.

7. Ji Chang Wook and Bae Suzy

I loved Suzy in Gu Family Book! And since Ji Chang Wook has a history doing historical dramas (Warrior Baek Dong SooEmpress Ki), I think they would make a great historical/action couple. Suzy has definitely proved her acting skills, and I think she could take on some more challenging and multi-dimensional rolls. And why not put her across from Ji Chang Wook? Don’t they look cute together as a drama couple?

8. So Ji Sub and Jeon Ji Hyun

Jeon Ji Hyun is one of my favorite actresses, and So Ji Sub one of my favorite actors — so why not put them together? So Ji Sub is great at playing a character that gives off an arrogant air but is really a softy, and Jeon Ji Hyun would be perfect as the (slightly neurotic) girl who drives him crazy and melts his icy heart. Not to mention, I, for one, would love to see Jeon Ji Hyun in more K-dramas as she usually does more movies. Anyone else want this to happen as much as I do?

Which actor and actress would you love to see star in a K-drama together? Comment down below!

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