In a regular drama of good vs. evil, we simply cheer for the good guy. In the new thrilling drama Last, Jang Tae Ho (Yoon Kye Sang) is not a conventional good guy. He believes in himself and his abilities with a flair of arrogance. He's handsome, but he is not easy to like. Yet, in the worse of times, we also see him keeping a sense of basic justice and standing up for the little guys. Check out these 8 dramatic moments from Last that get your heart thumping and cheering for this anti-hero!

Jang Tae Ho looks to be on top of the world. He has a lucrative job offer in the US and he's about to propose to his beautiful girlfriend. Life is beautiful - what can go wrong? At first you may find Yoon Kye Sang's character in Last too sure of himself. But soon Tae Ho will find himself plunged into the abyss and left homeless and starving. What can he do to survive? Why do we even care about him? 

Here are the stunning moments that trace his downfall within a matter of days. You may find him an arrogant guy deserving of the bad luck he faces, but you'll also see him eventually find the willpower and sense of certainty that it takes to stand up again.

By the way, Yoon Kye Sang reportedly did his own stunts.

(Caution: Spoilers)

1. He is fantastically fit. 

(Within the first minute of Episode 1, you can see his abs.)

2. He proposes to his girlfriend in a scenic field. 

There is a great kiss scene in this video:

(Reminder: Click on Settings to un-check Annotations.)

The girlfriend will surprise him big time later in the show.

3. Then he lost 35 billion won in minutes. (That's $US 35 million, guys!)  

I'm not sure it was even 5 minutes. That's why they call it a "crash!"

4. Unfortunately his loan shark decides to punish him and his partner. 

They are locked in a car as they plunge into the dark harbor. 

(I really like this exciting scene, even more than the proposal kiss, but it can be scary. Use your judgement before watching.)

5. He is homeless and really, really hungry. 

He gets into a free lunch line but then sees some thugs cut in line.

He shouts:


Big mistake!

He gets pummeled because he doesn't understand there is a hierarchy, even in the homeless underworld.

6. Hit him back! 

Snake Eye wants the measly 5,000 won that Tae Ho found. (That's 5 bucks here!) 

He knocks down Snake Eye and becomes elevated in stature: He is now #7 in the underworld's hierarchy of power.

His sense of justice is actually respected. The beggars and homeless want him as a leader, but he declines.

(I think this is the point that I started feeling for him and taking his side.)

7. Oh food, glorious food! 

He finally gets a hot plate of food and devours it. This was a poignant scene to watch. 

(I hope none of us ever have to experience this desperation ever in real life.)

8. Decision time! 

He realizes there is a way out of his predicament if he can climb to #1.

Wishful thinking? Can he do it?

Tae Ho is not perfect, and he has his blemishes, but I also can't help but want to root for this anti-hero.

It's going to be a tough fight, and there will be blood. 

Did I mentioned he looks fantastically fit?

Take a look at Yoon Kye Sang in Last yourself.  (You'll see his abs within the first minute!)

~ NancyZdramaland