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The Hong Sisters, whose new drama Jeju Island Gatsby (aka Warm and Cozy) premieres this week, have a knack for writing memorable dialogue and scenes. Some Hong-isms have made their way into my permanent vocabulary and regularly get pressed into use in everyday situations. Longtime drama fans will nod sagaciously, drama newbies will thunk their foreheads and go "Ah! That's where that's from!", and then everyone will chime in with the one I missed. 

1. Chocolate Abs - This wonderful little phrase which peppers the female drama addict's lexicon finds its roots in episode 2 of Big with Gong Yoo. 

Yes, yes they are. Thank you Hong Sisters.

2. Peter Jason - In both Greatest Love AND Couple or Trouble, the Hongs refer to American Film Director "Peter Jason" (and Jerry Heimer in Couple). Peter Jason has now become the name I give whenever I can't think of who directed or produced some American film.

3. Panties! - This you must yell at the top of your lungs whenever you do laundry. "Wash my PANTIES!" just like Dokko Jin.

4. Jeremy's Bus of Sadness - In You're Beautiful, the Hong's gave eternal optimist Jeremy one scene that completely realized him as a person with hidden depths. It was a city bus, which he rode whenever he felt sad or contemplative, whose route length was long enough for him to rediscover his sunny disposition. 

When you get off the bus, it's time to square your shoulders and reengage in life.

5. Real Action and Love Antennas - In My Girl Friend is a Nine Tailed Fox, there were so many quotable scenes I had to force myself to pick two. Both come from the B Romance between Seung Gi's aunt and his action movie director. In his attempt to find something that doesn't look hokey on screen, the director finds Shin Min Ah's Mi Ho. Anytime I see a particularly good martial arts fight scene, I look to my drama companions and remark, "Real action." The second I use so much that even my 10 year old does it back — love antennas. I'm sending out my love on a frequency you can pick up. Really the picture says it all.

7. Essence and Your Territory - These are related. In The Master's Sun, Gong Hyo Jin sees ghosts that only So Ji Sub's touch drives away. She latches onto him like a lifeline, and, in a desperate attempt to keep her from being a total limpet, he gives her her touch territory — his arm from wrist to elbow.

When Gong Hyo Jin tries to describe to her sister of the miraculous properties of So Ji Sub's touch, she mentions it must be his essence — a personal spiritual vibe. Her sister links it to something a bit more, ahem, earthy and encourages her to get more "essence" — thereby becoming my favorite bit character of all time.

What's your favorite scene from a Hong Sisters' drama? let me know in the comments!

You can see more memorable moments from the Hong Sisters when their new series, Jeju Island Gatsby, premieres on Wednesday, May 13! See the extended 6-minute preview below:

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