We already know that Kdramas are overflowing with impossibly good looking, impossibly frustrating male actors. But sometimes, it's the women that leave us with heart eyes and shallow breathing. Whether you want to be with them or just BE them, these Kdrama actresses are totally worthy of top spots on your "girl crush" list.

1. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin

I HAD to sneak two pictures of the beautiful Son Ye Jin into this post, considering she was my first Kdrama girl crush ever! Whether she's feeding us intensity in Sharkor the cutest smiles ever in Personal Taste, her acting range and straight-up gorgeousness are unquestionably worthy of your girl crushing.

2. Yoo In Na

...Is an explanation really necessary? Effortlessly chic and talented! You know she has the "it" factor when you're questioning which person you'd rather take the place of in her real-life relationship with Queen In Hyun's Man co-star Ji Hyun Woo.

3. Shin Min Ah

An obvious choice, seeing as the up-turned corners of her lips have become a popular trend in Korean cosmetic surgery. The procedure might be taking it a little too far, but you certainly can't argue much with the inspiration!

4. Sooyoung

A total babe who can sing, dance, and act? Girls' Generation's Sooyoung and her luscious waves make the list after an adorable performance as the lead role in Dating Agency: Cyrano.

5. Park Shin Hye

Heirs is creeping up on us quickly, which means more of the lovely Park Shin Hye on our screens. Must. Contain. Excitement.

6. Yoon Eun Hye

Um, wow. Come on, she even made a cute boy in Coffee Prince! So not fair.

7. Park Min Young

Give me your hair, your smile, your eyes, your eyebrows, your nose...actually, just the whole face will work.

8. Koo Hye Sun

Star of fan-favorite, Boys Over Flowers, and star of our hearts. She acts, directs, and is exceedingly charming. You also may or may not have a shrine in your closet dedicated to her ethereality, but I'm neither asking nor telling.

So, who are YOUR Kdrama girl crushes?