Halloween is that one time of year that turns into a big costume party. It’s a chance for you to show off how scary or original you can be. Here are eight costume ideas for you to freshen up your Halloween wardrobe with K-drama style! All are based on series that aired in 2016 that you would love to see and try!

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1. Descendants of the Sun – Yoo Shi Jin

Descendants of the Sun brought back the soldier look in the best way possible: Song Joong Ki as Big Boss, Yoo Shi Jin. That combination of beret hat, aviator sunglasses, and military uniform was A+.

Photo cr: KBS

2. Doctor Crush – Hye Jung

Jazz up the traditional doctor’s outfit a la Park Shin Hye in Doctor Crush. Tasteful patterns and floral prints that pop slightly underneath the coat will have people thinking you are the most sophisticated doctor to ever grace Halloween.

Photo cr: SBS

3. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Wang So

The Phantom of the Opera has a new pained mask-wearing man in town to call comrade: fourth prince, Wang So. Unlike the Phantom, the prince who is fated by the stars to be king, played by Lee Joon Ki, has a wider range of clothes and masks to pick from, so choose wisely!

Photo cr: SBS

4. Cheese in the Trap – Hong Seol

Hong Seol’s look is casual and comfortable - a trendy style you can borrow any day of the week! To pull off the Hong Seol look as perfect as actress Kim Go Eun, the long wavy red hair is a must.

Photo cr: tvN

5. The K2 – Kim Je Ha

Before Kim Je Ha becomes Anna Go’s bodyguard, looking handsome in nearly every scene in his uniform of a black suit, his early look in the show as a banner hanger with tank tops and loose-fit pants did a good job of showing off how much work actor Ji Chang Wook put into giving his character a strong physique.

Photo cr: tvN

6. Cinderella and Four Knights – Eun Ha Won

When Eun Ha Won, played by Park So Dam, switches out of her school tracksuit for the new black and white tracksuit, her dedication to wearing it every day reminded me of another famous tracksuit-loving character: Secret Garden’s Kim Joo Won. In the case of Cinderella and Four Knights, it’s less flashy while remaining fashionable. Bonus points for you if you can nab four cute knights to escort you to a party or trick-or-treating!

Photo cr: tvN

7. Daebak – Baek Dae Gil

Jang Geun Suk plays Baek Dae Gil, a prince forced to live as a commoner through various circumstances. In his scenes as a commoner gambler, he retains his princely demeanor despite wearing hard fabric with torn edges.

Photo cr: SBS

8. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – The Damiwon court ladies

Traditionally, the court lady look is unexciting, but not in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. The polka dot pattern on gold and mustard green fabric with burgundy accents make the costume pop while remaining suitable to serve royalty in. Channel your inner Hae Soo (played by Lee Ji Eun) during her pre-lead court lady days with this youthful and alternative take on the outfit.

Photo cr: SBS

What K-drama-inspired costume will you be dressing up as this Halloween?


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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