Fool's Love is shaping up to be a heartwarming, sincere comedy, and Choi Woo Shik is winning over viewer hearts as the innocent, sweet Kang Ho Gu. In addition to the lovable lead, the show also offers viewers some unexpected treats with fun cameos and pop culture references sprinkled throughout the show like a little treasure hunt. So far, I've spotted 8 hidden jokes in the first three episodes. Did you catch them all?

1. Ho Gu

Kang Ho Gu's name is a play on words. In Korean, a hogu (호구) is a fool or a pushover (hence the double meaning of the title Hogu's Love or Fool's Love). When he repeats his name whenever he feels upset or foolish, it's referencing his pushover side as well.

2. Do Do Hee

UEE's character also has a punny name, with do do (도도) playing off of the word for "haughty," 도도한. This name also suits the owner!

3. Kim Tae Hee

Anyone who has seen My PrincessIris, or Stairway to Heaven knows exactly why the boys in Ho Gu's school were disappointed to discover that the new transfer student named Kim Tae Hee was a goofy boy instead of Korea's goddess.

4. The OTHER Do Hee

Not only did they bring in the real Do Hee to fight with our fictional Do Hee, but they also paired the Answer Me 1994 actress with C-CLOWN's Kangjun in this fun cameo. To make matters even better, they made a joke about the two high schoolers having no idea who singer Seo Taiji is, which was hilarious for people who watched Do Hee's over-the-top fangirling over Seo Taiji in Answer Me 1994. In a later scene, the doctor is also named Seo Taiji, just in case we didn't catch the joke right away.

5. Chief Oh

In the first episode, Lee Sung Min makes a cameo as his character from Misaeng (which also aired on tvN). He asks Ho Gu to sell him on the Misaeng manhwa. After hearing all about how awesome the story is, he decides he would prefer to just rent the copies instead of purchasing them.

6. "Some" 

The SoYou/JunggiGo song was referenced in the first episode, when Ho Gu's friends make fun at him for being a friend, but not really a friend. Later, Ho Gu's sister explains the importance of mastering the art of "some" relationships with a detailed presentation.

7. "Shower Later"

If you want to know why Chung Jae was so startled at Ho Kyung's ringtone in episode 2, it's because she had it set to Gary's racy song "Shower Later," the song that was deemed unsuitable for broadcast by SBS. It somehow matches Ho Kyung's world-wise persona, though.

8. Choo Sarang

Return of Superman reference! Ho Go tries to win over his friend by complimenting his physique. Unfortunately, he says his friend looks like Choo Sarang, the adorable little daughter of fighter Choo Sung Hoon.

Did you catch all of these jokes? Were there any others that I missed? It's like a fun game finding the references in each episode! If you're not watching Fool's Love and want to get in on the fun, you can get started below: