Heirs’ writer Kim Eun Sook is famous for foreshadowing a drama's ending by using symbols and props. For this reason, with only 2 episodes of Heirs left, fans are becoming detectives to find hints that might tell us about the ending of Heirs. Among other questions, whether the drama finishes with a happy ending or not is the hottest issue for Korean fans, and for us too. Here are 8 clues cited by Korean fans when they predict the final ending of Heirs.

1. Dream Catcher

The dream catcher has appeared from the first episode of this drama to the recent one. The meaning of this prop that filtering out bad dreams and collecting good dreams is important to the show. This can have two totally different interpretations. The first one is that the dream catcher is the medium that makes the young couple's, especially Eun Sang’s, dream come true for a happy ending. The other one is a sad ending that their story is like A Midsummer Night’s Dream that will burst like foam bubbles.

2. Suicide Mark of Jeguk High school

The second hint is the suicide mark drawn on Jeguk high school's ground. It is said that this is foreshadowing Hyo Shin’s psychological condition, but it also raises doubts in fan’s minds about a bad ending because the mark appeared at the scenes with Kim Tan as well. If the writer uses this to foreshadow that Tan commits suicide, I won’t watch her dramas again for sure.

Literary works

This was what made me write this post because two of them are Korean work of literature. I want to help you guys enjoy Heirs more and more. The writer of Heirs likes using novels as hints of her drama's endings. For example, Alice in the Wonderland and The Little Mermaid were used as hints to tell the story of the K-drama Secret Garden, so we should look at these works of literature carefully.

3. The Great Gatsby

You might know this story about Gatsby, a man who can’t forget his first love, Daisy, and tries to become rich to get her back. This novel appeared at least two times in the drama. During a class, and when Kim Tan arranges his affairs after coming back to Korea. When Eun Sang was absent from class, a teacher talked about Gatsby.

Gatsby could not receive proper education because he was born into a poor family. He always dreamed of himself being wealthy in the future. He eventually believes that it’s the reality. He doesn’t stop there and falls in love with a woman from the upper class, Daisy. He takes whatever means necessary to make money to make that love come true. He becomes really rich at a young age. But his wealth was only a target of suspicions and jealousy. His Past was mocked. Nevertheless, he tries to change his past, present and future geared towards his dream.

Doesn’t a certain character come to mind? Yes. At this episode, Eun Sang and Kim Tan both resemble Gatsby. Eun Sang has wanted to escape her poor life from the beginning of the story, and Kim Tan loves a woman who lives so differently than his own lifestyle. Unfortunately, the story is a tragic love story that finishes with Gatsby’s death. However, why is Gatsby great? A famous quote of the novel tells us why. [Gatsby had] an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness such as I have never found in any other person and which it is not likely I shall ever find again. Do you remember what Won said about Tan’s personality to his father in episode 17? Never give up, and keep knocking on someone’s heart while being frank and honest. Kim Tan himself is just like Gatsby who has an extraordinary gift for hope, and it makes fans expect a happy ending to Heirs.

4. A Lone Room 외딴방 (Wae-ddan-bang)

This is an autobiographical novel of Shin Kyeong Sook, one of the famous Korean writers. The main character of this novel is the writer herself, and her experiences in the past resemble Eun Sang’s life. The story is about a poor girl who had been well-cared for even though her family was poor and moved to a big city for her education from sixteen to twenty years of age. After she came to the city, she had to work hard during the day, and studied in a special class for work-study students at nights. She never gave up her passion for study even though her daily life was filled with tiredness and annoyance. The girl had a friend, Hee Jae, who shared her suffering with her. However, Hee Jae committed suicide in the girl’s room after saying, "Why is it so hard to live?" The girl was shocked, and ran away from the lone room as she escaped the city. Many years later, Shin Kyeong Sook started to write literature to cure her sad memories. The camera showed the title of this novel clearly, so it should mean something important about the ending of Heirs. This is one of the sad endings we might expect.

5. Wonder Boy 원더보이

In the episode 18, Eun Sang reads this book. This is about a boy who got a supernatural power through an accident when he was younger. In this novel, he lives with that power, and finally loses that power. His life with supernatural power seems to mirror Tan’s rich life that everybody wants to live. On the back side of the book, there are the sentences below, and it seems to be similar to what Kim Tan has done, and will do in next episodes.

Wait. I am going to run to you... I liked telling wishes. I thought I would become an adult with achieving these wishes or the other way, I could get that wishes fulfilled if I become an adult. When I was 15 years old, becoming an adult was that meaning to me...Itself, everything itself! Under one’s own steam to make everything come true by itself! You only need to believe that fact you are becoming something by yourself as if everything in this world is supposed to be by itself.

If the story of Heirs follows this novel, the ending will be a happy ending for their love. Kim Tan will give up being an heir and try to find his way by himself. If he does that, there is no reason that Eun Sang and Tan have to break up.

6. Flower Bracelet

The next hint is the flower bracelet that Tan gave to Eun Sang in the episode 14. There are many fans who expect that the last scene of Heirs will be Tan and Eun Sang’s wedding in the future. It comes from the dramatic scene where Tan gave a flower bracelet to Eun Sang when she finally revealed her poverty in front of many people. Even though it was a party for Chan Young and Bo Na, the scene was directed as if it was a wedding for Tan and Eun Sang.

7. A scary place

This is just for fun. You know how K-dramas portray the man's family. Scary parents-in-law and hysterical sister-in–laws. They have a distorted perspective of Korean marriage and family in-laws, but it’s true that for women it’s hard to get along with in-laws. There is a special word, Shi-World, that describes a daughter-in-laws difficult experience with blending in. Tan’s father threatened to send Eun Sang to a scary place if she would’t break up with Tan. People say that scary place is the Shi-World after Eun Sang gets married to Tan. So this alludes to a happy ending in Heirs.

8. Serendipity, a title of Heir’s OST

Some of the fans say that one of the Heirs OST's titles is a hint of a happy ending. The movie Serendipity is about a fateful reunion of two lovers by incredible coincidences. In the episode 17, Eun Sang had to run away from Tan, and he had to let her go, yet they met in front of a dream catcher store again episode 18. Whether Tan and Eun Sang can be a couple again like the title of the OST and movie or not excites fans’ curiosity. Many fans think that even if Tan and Eun Sang break up now, they will meet again because of their fateful love.

One of the other hints was an expectation that Chan Young’s father would do something important because he and Eun Sang seem to be close each other but haven’t met in the drama yet. Surprisingly, the expectation came true in episode 17. Chan Young’s father helped Eun Sang stay in Korea so Tan could find her.

Are there any other clues about the ending of Heirs that you've noticed?