I love K-pop! In fact, I've loved K-pop ever since I first saw and heard Jae Joong and the rest of DBSK six years ago! Despite the ups and downs of life as a fan girl, I've been in love with K-pop and now adore groups like EXO and BTS. However, I only recently found out about K-pop cosplay. So, whether you've heard of K-pop cosplay before or are hearing about it for the first time, check out these 8 so-cute-you-might-cringe K-pop cosplayers!

Himchan and Daehyun of B.A.P. Kpop cosplay by DeeDeeKITSUNE.

Zelo of B.A.P. and G-Dragon Kpop cosplay by Madison Bickel of fadingforests.

CL of 2NE1 Kpop cosplay by Jeffrey Lavarias Del Riosario, aka JL of 2NE12.

Jungkook of BTS Kpop cosplay by Jong Eobie of BAD BUNNIES.

Yongkuk of B.A.P. Kpop cosplay by Lucy of BAD BUNNIES.

Sehun of EXO Kpop cosplay by Mirey of dummecosplays.

Nicole of Kara Kpop Cosplay by Dannyskye.

Crayon Pop Kpop cosplay by shelle-chii.

Here in Austin, Texas we love Kpop so much that we have Kpop Night Out, a club event where we jam to Kpop for one night-- all night, once a month. It’s hosted by Demographics Enterntainment, so be sure to check them out, because it was Kpop Night Out that first introduced me to Kpop cosplay! So, how much do YOU love Kpop? If you’re like me, then not enough to do Kpop cosplay! But, if you could cosplay as a Korean idol, then who would it be?

You can read more about Kpop, Korean idols, and more on my Korean culture blog, westerngirleasternboy!