Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has sadly come to and end. And with that, so has our screen time with cuties Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young. While Park Bo Young shared her reasons for staying away from social media platforms, thankfully Park Hyung Sik is happy to share snippets from his life with fans. And can we please talk about how adorable these snippets are? Rounding up 10 of the happiest photos from Park Hyung Sik's Instagram account that are guaranteed to make you smile! #MissYouOppa


He's in Bali and from what you can see, he clearly loving it! Also how on point is his outfit?



We literally lived for their bromance in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! Here's hoping they team for another drama soontimes!


#코스모폴리탄 #cosmopolitan

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STUNNING! That's all I have to say about this picture.



Baby Hyung Sik is everything! #Ottoke



Not really sure what's happening here, but he has a bow in his hair and that's just got to make you smile!



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A man who loves his adventure, is worth falling in love with! Right?



Another baby picture! Can't get over that tiny tongue peeking out. 


He has a sense humor and it can't get any more attractive than that! *insert a gazillion heart eyes*

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