Have you decided which side you are on in Heirs, Team Kim Tan or Team Yong Do? In the end, heroines always choose heroes, but I usually choose villains or sub male characters. That’s why I can’t be a heroine in K-dramas. While watching Heirs, I have come to really love Yong Do, and have checked out everything about Kim Woo Bin. Tan's cruel brother, Won, is also one of my types, so I can't help be be obsessed with Choi Jin Hyuk. See what I found for you guys! Video clips of morning call services performed by Kim Woo Bin and Choi Jin Hyuk. I can't think of a better way to wake up!

1. School Boy Version

Translation: You didn’t wake up? Haven't opened your eyes? I said ‘Wake UP’! (His trade mark, Kicking a bucket) "If you don’t wake up right now, I won’t let you be. Sue me."

2. Bad man sucking on a candy Version

Translation: Won't you wake up? If you won’t, don’t wake up. If you were just gonna do this, why did you ask for a morning call from me? I am doing this because it’s you. Wake up! I will put this in your mouth If you won’t. (Don’t be shy. I will take your bashfulness)

3. Ae-gyo Version

Translation: Honey, you still won’t wake up? Until when are you sleeping? Are you hibernating? Get up quickly.

Bloopers from Ae-gyo version


Director : Action

Woo Bin : (Sigh) Honey (Can't hold a laugh). I will do again. Ah...seriously...

Director : Take things in order.

Woo Bin : Today is too tough for me.

Directer : You can do it, now.

Woo Bin : Honey, you still won’t wake up? Until when are you sleeping? Are you hibernating?...I can't do this.

4. Movie Friend2 Version

Translation: Hey, get up. You won’t? The sun is up and high. No more sleeping. Get up. I said ‘Get UP.’ (broad Gyeongsang-do dialect)

5. Angel & Devil Version


Angel : Wake up. You should wake up. Don't regret it later, let's wake you up now.

Devil : Sleep more. Sleep more. Keep sleeping. Does sleeping 5 minutes more change the world?

Angel : No. You should get up. I will count one, two, three and then you will wake up. One, two, three. Good job!

6. Heirs Version of Choi Jin Hyuk

Translation: My princess, shall you get up? You were so tired yesterday. I will do this for you every day from now. (Our Won doesn't talk like this...)

7. Morning Song Version of Choi Jin Hyuk

Translation: I love you. Honey, wake up.

8. Lover Version of Choi Jin Hyuk

Translation: Wake up. Don't frown. I like your smile. You are so pretty when you smile. Ah... You are so lovely.

Woo Bin and Jin Hyuk, I will take all responsibilities for your shyness. Please make more versions for me!

I want Woo Bin to wake me up with the Angel & Devil Version! Which version do you want?