Names that are perfectly normal sounding to us sometimes can actually mean something else in other languages. Here are some hilarious cases of Japanese names that will get a few laughs in a foreign land.

Your name might mean something too...

This from a woman named Saori. "When I used to say I'm Saori, everyone thought I was apologizing." (I'm Sorry)

"My last name is Kondo. Someone once thought I was saying that I was a condominium." (I'm Condo)

"I found out my name Susumu means "your boobs" in Indonesian.

A Japanese woman named Chikako claims that when she went to Italy, she was told her name means "to pee over there." (Ci caco)

"When I was in America, people remembered my name as "Massacre." (Masako)

"I didn't know my name meant "problem child" In Burmese. (Miho)

"My name sounds like "You suck!" (Yusaku)

"I know Dani in Japanese is tick. That was one of my nicknames growing up. (Danny Kichi)