Anyone who watches K-dramas is probably familiar with the pain of second lead syndrome. Seeing the girl go for the rich jerk instead of the supportive friend over and over and over again can be insanely frustrating, but it doesn't always have to be that way! Even though dramas where the second lead gets the girl are few and far between, these magical unicorns do exist! Here are 10 dramas where the second lead won the day:


1. Dream High

To be honest, both of Hye Mi's options were pretty great. Neither one was a rich jerk, but it was a surprise to many viewers when she ditched the ever-cool Jin Guk (Taecyeon) for her supportive buddy Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun).

2. How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

Ah, the benefits of the live shoot at work! Reportedly, the writers changed their minds based on viewer feedback to let Park Shi Hoo win Bae Doo Na's heart.

3. Queen of Reversals

Park Shi Hoo strikes again! This series received multiple extensions that allowed for a different final pairing. If you're looking for a great "second lead gets the girl" story, this is definitely my personal favorite because it is all able to happen gradually and naturally. 

4. Prosecutor Princess

Who is the second lead here? Yep, you guessed it — Park Shi Hoo! There is just something about this guy that makes him woo women away from the obvious cold-hearted hunks, like Han Jung Soo's gruff prosecutor.

5. Nail Shop Paris

Song Jae Rim gets the girl! The drama was a mess, but still —Song Jae Rim gets the girl!

6. Baker King Kim Tak Goo

In a show where Kim Tak Goo is in the title, you might assume that Kim Tak Goo (Yoon Si Yoon) would obviously win any possible romantic rival. Apparently no one informed Joo Won.

7. Fashion King

Not exactly the sweet second lead you all know and love, but he does end up with Shin Se Kyung in the end, so that's a reversal of the usual formula. Now let's never talk about this show or the ending ever, ever again.

8. Feast of the Gods

I have to ask myself who could ever reject Joo Sang Wook, but I guess Lee Sang Woo isn't too shabby either. 

BONUS: Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Okay, okay, so Eun Bi didn't choose Kang Hyuk, but in real life, Lee Chung Ah has been dating Lee Ki Woo since the show ended. I guess the Pillar wins after all!

But really, can you blame her?

Do you enjoy seeing a little reversal when it comes to the male leads? Did I miss any others? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her K-drama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.

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