K-pop is a beautiful place where "bromances" thrive. There is an adorable pairing everywhere you look. Here are just some of the most memorable K-pop bromances listed below:

1. Donghae & Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

These two are absolutely precious together, and they even have their own sub-unit of Super Junior that helps showcase how cute they are.

2. Woohyun (Infinite) & Key (SHINee)

Before "Toheart" ever existed, these two were best friends. Everyone loved their friendship so much that their collaboration was possible.

3. Kai & Kyungsoo (EXO)

With so many members in EXO, there are so many possible pairings. The "Kaisoo" pairing is one of the most popular because they are so sweet with each other.

4. Mark & JR (GOT7) 

It is clear that these two are just plain adorable together. There are a bunch of other pairings in GOT7 that are super cute (such as Mark and Jackson), but the "Markjin" pairing is just too precious!

5. Mir & Joon (MBLAQ)

These two are so close with each other that they feel completely comfortable with each other. They are so funny together!

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6. G-Dragon & Taeyang (Big Bang)

These two have also known each other since they were younger, which means that their bromance is probably the longest lasting on this list (so far). They have done many collaborations with each other, and they just seem like great friends.

7. Daehyun & Youngjae (B.A.P)

The "Daejae" pairing in B.A.P are so adorable because they truly seem like they are best friends. They just look so cute laughing together.

8. Donghae (Super Junior) & Sehun (EXO)

Their friendship is even better because Donghae is 8 years older than Sehun. They have the cutest older brother-younger brother relationship ever. Their Instagram accounts are both full of each other too.

There are so many other K-pop bromances, but these are just some memorable ones. What are your favorite K-pop bromances?