Remember how some manga have been remade way too many times? Well, there’s another issue with manga artists too: if they’re not remaking them, they’re over-making them. So, to remind you how much you have spent on these volumes, here are 8 manga that have been going on for way too long.

1. Golgo 13 (1968-Present)

Duration: 46 years (and counting)

Remember that short-lived anime about “legendary” assassin Golgo 13 that, even at the very modest length of 50 episodes, still felt about 49 episodes too long? Well, would you believe that the manga inspiring the story has been going on for 46 years? Seriously, this guy is so old his first contract was probably delivered via pigeon.

2. Hajime No Ippo (1989-Present)

Duration: 26 years (and counting)

Floyd Mayweather has been champion for 15 years and makes about $70 million per fight. Young Ippo Makunouchi has been slugging it out for 26 now. How many PPV sales do you think this show gets?

3. Bleach (2001-Present)

Duration: 14 years (and counting)

We all understand the need to fight demons, Ichigo. After all, evil spirits are abound. But if you can’t eliminate anything even after years of fighting, maybe we need to bring back that kid from Shaman King again.

4. The Prince of Tennis (1999-ongoing)

Duration: 16 years (and counting)

So how long does this wunderkind have to play before he is considered just a great player? So far, as science tells us, a child prodigy actually needs to be a child. Is he just getting left back again and again so he can keep playing?

Watch Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum reunite to face seven different personalities trapped in one body in Kill Me, Heal Me:

5. Crayon Shin Chan (1990-ongoing)

Duration: 25 years (and counting)

Shin Chan always told his mother that he would never grow up, and, judging by how long his youthful blunders have been chronicled, maybe he’s right. And even after all these years, baby Hima still hasn’t been potty-trained. But, then again, neither has Shin.

6. Case Closed (1994-ongoing)

Duration: 21 years (and counting)

We get it; L died on his first case while you have been literally ridding the world of crime forever. We also understand that you have some kind of issue where you pretty much remain a kid forever. But L fights shinigamis. You spend your days looking for lost candy.

7. Angel Heart (2001-ongoing)

Duration: 14 years (and counting)

The author of Angel Heart has assured us that even though this manga shares the same characters as the famous City Hunter, it actually takes place in a parallel universe. Never mind that the original story also lasted a good six years and spawned a Jackie Chan film and a Lee Min Ho TV series; we simply needed an alternate universe with the same characters and negligible plot twists. If you’re going to put a new coat of paint on an old car, at least don’t pretend to be doing something else; it seems like you’re laughing at the poor otaku.

8. One Piece (1997-ongoing)

Duration: 18 years (and counting)

Y u no pirate king yet Luffy? Seriously, Brock from Pokemon has been trying to get a girlfriend longer than you've been struggling to become the ruler of the seas. And he'll probably get there before you will.

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