Once in a while, you want to cry. Like, really, really cry. And, as you already found out the last time, nothing makes us cry more than a realy painful anime death. So, for your second round of Kleenex Anime Moment of the Day, here are 8 more anime deaths that made us weep.

1) Jiraiya - Naruto Shippuden

Oh, pervy sage; we hardly knew ye. A man whose comedic persona hid a deeper truth within. Full of regret and genuine love for his student, Jiraiya was perhaps the most unforgettable character to not stay until the end of the iconic manga’s run. Even in his last moments, he was thinking about Naruto, happy that he was leaving the world in the hands of his most trusted student. And you thought teachers weren’t committed.

2) Portgas D. Ace - One Piece

As children, brothers Luffy and Ace had a troubled relationship. When they grew up, they went on to become two of the most notorious men of the sea the world has known. And as he headed towards his execution, Ace remembered the promise he made to his brother—that they would go to the sea and live life without regrets. While that wasn’t the final scene of his demise, Ace ultimately did not live to see his brother become pirate king. He died smiling, thanking his family and friends for loving him.

3) Nina Tucker - Fullmetal Alchemist

For someone who was only supposed to be a vessel without a real soul, Nina sure made us feel pain when she was killed. The manga and anime differ on her role and even the style in which she died, but her death inspired Edward to find her killer, because within that “soulless” Chimera was the little girl he considered his sister, and, perhaps, her death scarred him in a way that no one else’s did. It certainly scarred us.

4) Nagisa and Ushio - Clannad

Sweet, caring, and the life of everyone around her, Nagisa Furukawa was the kind of person who could make people believe in humanity. That she would give birth to Ushio, a wonderful daughter just like her, was like a dream. That they would both die—the same illness, the same dark fate—was like a nightmare. They were both eventually resurrected, but for most fans, that pain was unforgettable, and the resurrection an easy cop-out from a difficult story.

5) Wizardmon - Digimon

"Kari’s savior," "Gatomon’s soul," "The defender of the DigiDestined"—whatever you may call Wizardmon, there is little denying that he was perhaps the saddest death in a series that, even though it was marketed as a kids show, wasn’t shy of dropping the final curtain on characters. He saw the humanity in Gatomon long before anyone else did, and was perhaps never “truly” working for Myotismon. That he came back years later to warn her again, just shows us that this was one data the world could not accept throwing into the Recycle Bin.

6) Anthony Brown - Candy Candy

Accidental death by hunting. Sounds considerably less dramatic than some of the others on the list, doesn’t it? But perhaps that’s what makes it more painful. That Anthony, the ray of happiness for abandoned orphan and protagonist Candy, would die in a manner that made him seem like a footnote, is a grave injustice. Future generations would not remember this anime, but everyone who did would not be able to forget Candy’s first love.

7) Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass

He was ruthless in his methods, merciless in dealing with his enemies, and perhaps friendless in a world where politics know no end, but Emperor Lelouch also brought freedom wherever he ruled and was the reason the world ultimately saw peace and harmony, even though his death was what would bring it to fruition. In one version, he departs, saying goodbye to those he cared for, even the one that killed him. He dreamed of building an empire, and he succeeded.

8) Anna Rochefort - Le Chevalier D’Eon

Perhaps the only person who loved D’Eon, Anna Rochefort was childhood friend and fiancé to one of the most royally unlucky protagonists of all time. Who would have thought that such a kind woman would ultimately die not for something she did, but for something she witnessed? D’Eon’s fate was already bad; losing her was perhaps the worst of it.

9) Bonus: Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) and the Sailors (Sailor Moon)

One’s not canon; the other’s not permanent. Moving on.

10) Bonus 2: L is Alive!

He just moved to a different anime. Now, where's Spike Spiegel?

So what other anime deaths brought tears to your eyes? Be sure to sound off in the comments below! And for all your anime needs, be sure to follow Dramafever on Twitter!