Seo In Guk has delivered an impressive performance in The King's Face as a prince who has to survive conflicting dangers around him to become a good king for his country, and to perhaps finally reunite with his one true love. He goes through quite a wardrobe of costumes with handsome colors and design. I picked out some memorable ones here. Hope you like them.

As an innocent young man who is unaware of the dangers to come:




4. He looks good in white too. Here he is in a "royal spa".

5. He looks really athletic on a royal hunt with the king:

6. Wearing awesome military armor and showing his strategic mind in battles to fight the invaders: (I really love this look.)

7. Facing off one of his greatest enemies, his own calculating and selfish-centered father and the King:

8. Last but not the least, if a man looks at you with those eyes, keep him! 

(Also check out his beautiful mustache. I'm not even looking at the costume anymore.)

The King's Face is getting close to the end with only 2 more episodes. The story is based on real history, and I really have to applaud the scriptwriter who has weaved a fantastic plot that gets better and better with each episode. The entire cast, not just Seo In Guk, has been excellent in making these characters come vividly alive. Shin Sung Rok's character is evil, bar none. 

If you haven't started the drama, I have one tiny suggestion: Start episode 1 by skipping the very first 2 minutes. That's just from my own experience. You can go back after episode 21 as I have, and it'll make more sense.

~ NancyZdramaland