We all have so many questions about Heirs. All the relationships are just so confusing, and the plots are super complicated! However, there is no question that burns more than why Lee Min Ho has the most horrifying sweater collection known to mankind. Isn't the guy rich, cultured, and fashionable? Why are his outfits so bad?

I can't help but feel like the costume director is making it all so terrible on purpose (could this be one of those Secret Garden tracksuit trends?). Let's just say if it is on purpose, then they're geniuses 'cause we just just can't look away from this trainwreck. Take a look at some of the atrocities to happen so far for our Heir of ugly sweaters:

1. This, what is this?!? Olive green, black, off-white, and some weird orange velour stripy fabric going across the middle? Looks like something Ernie from Sesame Street rejected.

2. Tan's mom has decent fashion sense. That's why she's rushing out with his school uniform because then she won't have to see him in a carpet bag sweater anymore.

3. Tan, she doesn't want to date you because you're wearing gold lamé.

4. This one is particularly bad. Tan looks like a wall with antique pictures hanging from it. Or like grandma's brooch collection. Either way, it's unacceptable.

5. This one is super cringeworthy. It's an ill-fitted blue brocade trenchcoat in size XXXXL. Also what's up with the neon sneakers? WHO APPROVED THIS OUTFIT?!

6. Okay, this one is semi decent. The two tone color placement is still just a little weird, but compared to everything else, this is perfectly acceptable. The one thing I wanted to point out from this picture is the costume director's fondness for sweaters over collared shirts. Seriously, ALL the characters wear sweaters over a collared shirt in nearly EVERY scene.

See what I mean about the sweater over collared shirt? They've even got fashionable Rachel in this unflattering Ronald McDonald getup.

7. Also, can we just look at Tan's shoes during episode 2? Man, I know Birkenstocks are comfy but can we save them for off-set wear? Or at least don't do an extreme closeup and make us go WTF?? You're killin' the illusion here guys.8. Annnd last but not least, A FUZZY PINK ANGORA CARDIGAN?! Oh Heirs costume director, now you're just being mean.

Ok, sorry to all you Kim Tan/Lee Min Ho lovers out there but "He who wears the ugly sweater, must bear the weight of all the people who will laugh at him and think he looks ridic." We still love you though, LMH!

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