Some photos surfaced online on a Japanese special media site yesterday of a cat that actually looks like he could be a dog. And once you start looking at the pictures, you'll forget if he's a cat that looks like a dog or a dog that looks like a cat. 

Judging from the response on the internet, this cat has gotten many people wondering. A set of photos uploaded on a Japanese site show a beautiful cat, and this cat happens to look like a cat/dog hybrid. Comments under the post have been piling up, one after another. Here are an example of the kinds of reactions this unique kitten is getting.

"I would believe it if I was told it was a dog!"

"It looks like Beethoven."

"It's Edward Scissorhands."

"It would look like a normal cat if it was all one color."

"I love cats but dogs are cute too, aren't they? Wait..this is a cat?"

"Saw one of these in Star Wars."

"Looks like an owl."

"The only thing it looks like is a cat."

"It's so cute, what cares what it is."

"Is it a person?"

Take a look at the pictures below, and by the time you're half way through, you may be forgetting what exactly it is you're looking at.



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