Seven member K-pop group Block B has been doing a lot of growing the past few years. Following their 2014 US Showcase Tour, they released a new album and leader Zico and power vocalist Taeil each made their own solo debuts. With the recent unveiling of a new sub-unit featuring rapper P.O and vocalists/dancers B-Bomb and Ukwon, we can't help but wonder what their new sound will be; however, their teaser photos are a must see!





And we can't forget to share Taeil's solo because his voice is truly amazing! Watch the music video below!

With all of their new music, I can't wait to see what Kyung and Jaehyo, the only two members who haven't announced individual activities, have in store for us in the future. What do you think of Block B? Do you think BASTARZ will be a successful sub-unit? How about these photos? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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