Prepare yourself, action aficionados! Your free time is about to be under attack from the most kickass movie bundle of all time because DramaFever is now offering the Well Go Movies Collection. In one package, you get the Jackie Chan action comedy Little Big Soldier, Won Bin’s edge-of-your-seat thriller The Man From Nowhere, the action sports flick Kung Fu Dunk starring Jay Chou, and Donnie Yen’s martial arts beatdown-fest, The Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen. So even though you’ve already heard more than enough and are planning your next marathon as we speak, here are 8 reasons you must watch the Well Go Movies Collection.

1) You will see four amazing movies

Collections usually have one problem: film companies blow all their money on getting the rights to one or two beloved movies, and the rest are usually duds. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this killer quartet. To reiterate something that deserves to be reiterated, you are getting Won Bin’s The Man From Nowhere, Jay Chou’s Kung Fu Dunk, Donnie Yen’s Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen, and Jackie Chan’s Little Big Soldier. And you won’t even have to sneak into four different theaters.

2) The sheer variety of it all is astounding

Another problem that normally plagues collections is that they keep offering you the same type of movie, meaning if you just sat through James Bond going all, “Shaken, not stirred” in Russia, you will be spending six more hours watching him do that in London, Ukraine and Ireland. Luckily, everyone knows that is really boring and this package therefore has some serious variety. Jackie Chan gives us a comedy with some dark historical and political context, Jay Chou provides an adrenaline-pumping sports comedy with more than a few “WTF?!” moments, Donnie Yen brings you all the kicks and flying chops your heart can handle, and Won Bin’s amazingly thrilling performance will make you eat your nails straight off the root.

3) There is major star power

Look, it’s an undeniable fact that unknown actors have made some great films. But that still doesn’t change how great it feels to have some awesome stars in your films, and this collection has a lot of them. We have the inimitable Jackie Chan, who may have now aged away from action but was, for nearly three decades, the man who singlehandedly kept the martial arts film industry afloat in the international market. Then we have Won Bin, who you may remember from the melodrama Autumn in My Heart, but he has earned much respect for his performances in the war drama Tae Guk Gi, the crime drama Mother, his KBS Best New Actor-winning role in Ad Madness, and his finest gem in the internationally acclaimed The Man From Nowhere. Then we have the modern legend Donnie Yen, whose popularity once lagged behind Jackie Chan and Jet Li, but a spate of late-career hits like Hero, Flash Point and Ip Man brought him to the fore, making him one of Hong Kong’s biggest stars. And, finally, we have the beloved Taiwanese-pop star Jay Chou, who supplements his tremendously successful music career with beloved acting performances in films like Initial D and Hollywood’s The Green Hornet.

4) You'll exerience entertainment from all across Asia

American media has one really bad habit: it lumps together all the industries in Asia just because they happen to be from the same continent. But, as fans know, one of the biggest aspects of the multifaceted Asian film industry is diversity. Case in point: this collection has one film from Taiwan, one from Hong Kong, one from Yunnan and one from South Korea (specifically, Seoul). As you will no doubt recognize, the Taiwanese and Hong Kong film industry are already very different from each other, and when you throw a little South Korean industry into the mix, you really are getting true cinematic diversity.

5) The reviews be ravin’

Even after all these fantastic reasons to watch, are you still a bit terrified to spend time with movies you don’t know? Well, not to worry, because the movies in question are very well liked. Regarding Little Big Soldier, James Luxford of The National reminds us, “Chan puts his heart and soul into the part of Big Soldier, and it's a reminder that there is more to the actor than Hollywood cinemagoers may have witnessed,“ while Tom Huddleston of Time Out says, “Genre-benders who like their Leone-esque historical slapstick buddy-action epics with a side order of political tragedy will find much to enjoy here.” With Legend of the Fist, Mark Jenkins of NPR calls it “an exhilarating kung fu romp,” while Jay Antani of Cinema Writer claims, “Adroit editing, camerawork and staging keep in step with Yen's formidable martial arts mastery, showcasing a talent on par with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li.” When it comes to The Man From Nowhere, Russel Edwards of Variety says, “Helmer Lee Jeong-beom shows a flair for action sequences, squeezing tension out of every fight scene choreographed by Park Jung-ryul,” while Rob Hunter of Film School Rejects says, “South Korea may just be the most exciting place on the planet these days when it comes to stylish and violent thrillers.” And while there isn’t a proper English base for Kung Fu Dunk to have sufficient reviews, understand that it's like a cross between Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer and Takehiko Inoue's Slam Dunk, so it’s pretty good.

6) You can watch according to your own schedule

One of the best things about watching a drama series is that you can really invest in the characters and story. Unfortunately, the flip side to that is that you really have to invest everything, including a bunch of your time, to get through all the episodes. With this package, you can easily be done in four sittings (or, if you simply can’t take the tension of a great movie going unwatched, one prolonged marathon). The movies in the package aren’t sequels (even though Legend of the Fist kind of pretends to be), and are therefore self-contained, meaning they can be viewed at your own pace without any external additions and you should definitely be able to clear up more of your schedule.

7) You'll see actors in roles you’ve never seen before

And that doesn’t necessarily mean the roles the actors are performing in the film. Of course, the films are unique and you likely haven’t seen the actors like this before, but what’s really special is that the leads are also involved in other roles of production. Love Jackie Chan as an actor? He also wrote the story in this case. Love Donnie Yen’s action moves? He is also the fight scene choreographer for Legend of the Fist. Love Jay Chou as an actor? He also brings in his tremendous singing ability to the screen by writing and performing an award-nominated song for Kung Fu Dunk. In short, the stars in this collection are performing roles you haven’t necessarily seen from them in film production before, making them essential viewings for both fans of the stars and the process of film making in general.

8) There will bring more to come

Content producers are always looking to make their stories available to larger audiences everywhere. So when they see that a collection of films is gaining popularity with a new audience, they will naturally want to make more films available to the fans. If this collection is viewed and liked enough times, that means producers will know that fans want to watch movies like this. And now that we have the big shots like Jackie Chan and Won Bin, just imagine the amount of great movies that would come in the future. This writer's personal wish is to see some movies starring Hyun Bin and Jet Li.

So, will you be setting aside some time for these four awesome movies? Sound off in the comments below! And for all your entertainment needs, be sure to follow DramaFever and myself on Twitter!