The end of summer is nigh! But don’t fret, friends, because September represents another milestone, the beginning of the school year. While my high school years were very different than any K-drama version (um, no school uniforms, chaebols, or love triangles for me, unless you count me being torn between Justin Timberlake and Jared Leto. Spoiler alert, I didn't marry either one!), that doesn’t mean that this isn’t the perfect time to wax nostalgic for school with these 8 K-dramas that capture the universal hormonal highs and lows of coming of age.

1. To the Beautiful You

Okay, probably few of us spent any of our formative high school years pretending to be a boy so we could be near our bias. But if I could have bunked with Choi Min Ho, I would have run a marathon and rocked a bowl cut in a second. It probably would have been better than the perm I talked my mom into letting me have anyway.

2. Heirs

Again, likely not going to mimic most of our real high school experiences, but a girl can buy a dreamcatcher and dream can’t she?

3. Dream High

For those of you that watched Fame as a teenager and wondered why more people didn’t break out into song and dance at your school, this is the K-drama for you. High school for pop stars, or as I like to refer to it, my heaven.

4. Monstar

Yeah, another high school show with singing, but that’s because when hormones are raging, isn’t it better to sing out your feelings than eat them? Also, sidenote, I don't think my teen self could have ever pulled off a red tie like these ladies do.

5. High School Love On

Okay, unless you are a celestial being that fell to earth and landed right in the middle of a love triangle, this show is likely not to parallel your teen years either. But props to this show for also daring to ask, “How many members of Infinite can be on screen at once before a heart explodes with joy?"

6. School 2013

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin. Mic drop.

7. Answer Me 1997

Some might say it is hard to enjoy a nostalgia show for a place that you aren’t from, but I say that is why they invented the internet.

8. Boys over Flowers

The quintessential high school fantasy for the Jan Di in all of us. Though I probably wouldn’t have imagined that maid outfit. Just saying.

What's your favorite high school K-drama?

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