Winter holidays are approaching quickly, and we drama fans do them a little differently. Want to add a little Hallyu to your holiday? DUH! Here are a few simple steps that'll do the trick:

1. Sing K-pop karols carols

This new wintery love song from Starship Entertainment will have you feeling the festive fun in no time.

2. Put a star on top of your Christmas tree — a Hallyu star!

Note: Angel Woo Bin is also an acceptable tree topper.

3. Leave Santa (or yourself) some mochi instead of cookies

Learn how to make this delicious green tea mochi on this episode of Cooking with Shin.

What happens when a woman who can’t lie becomes a news reporter? Find out in Park Shin Hye’s new series Pinocchio:


4. If you celebrate Hanukkah, try some red bean doughnuts instead of sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts)

Regardless of what you celebrate, these are delicious. An easy recipe for these babies can be found here.

5. Treat your friends (or yourself!) to some drama-related gifts

A good place to start looking is DramaFever's own FeverShopThis list also has a bunch of great ideas.

6. Make sure everything is labeled properly.

That's better.

7. Build, or better yet, BE a snowman!

Basically, find some way to score a back hug from Park Ji Bin.

8. Go back and re-watch all of your favorite drama holiday episodes.

The finale of Flower Boy Ramen Shop is a classic.

Do you have any Hallyu holiday tips? Let us know in the comments!