Fly to the Sky — endearing late ‘90s name and all — will always be one of our favorite K-Pop male duos. The pair, who helped bring poppy R&B into the Korean mainstream, are reportedly reuniting after five years apart. Both Hwanhee and Brian have been busy releasing solo albums and starring in variety shows and dramas, but, as always, the boys are best when they’re harmonizing together. Who’s ready for some good old Fly to the Sky tunes?

1. "Day by Day"

In 1999, SM Entertainment, basking in glory after the success of pop groups like H.O.T. and S.E.S., decided to present the young and vocally talented duo, whose debut song, "Day by Day" was an R&B number reminiscent of the music of Korean R&B granddaddy Solid.

2. "Sea of Love"

Quintessential FTTS circa 2002. We miss everything about this, from the gratuitous shots of the duo playing all-American football on the beaches of San Francisco to the excessive arm-spreading that puts Leo DiCaprio's Jack to shame.

3. "Missing You"

While we're on quintessential -- "Missing You" is perhaps the duo's most famous, most-loved ballad. You'll be humming this one in the shower for days.

4. "Like a Man"

And we wouldn't have a list of FTTS's hits without "Like a Man," which is another example of the act's serious vocal chops as well as one of the most memorable (and successful) ballads of 2004.

5. "Even If My Heart Hurts"

This song, from the OST for the hit drama Fashion 70's, topped the charts and enjoyed great popularity. Without a doubt their most beloved soundtrack.

6. "Habit"

Ah, "Habit." It was the successor to "Missing You" and remains a fan favorite.

7. "Condition of My Heart"

Another well-received ballad from their third album.

8. "Gravity"

A unique R&B number from their fifth album.

We are so ready for more FTTS goodness (finally!). Share your excitement for the duo's comeback in the comments below!