Here is a list of what I think are 8 super cute K-pop videos you need to watch now. I picked music videos that showed off the cuter, more quirky and fun side of K-pop, over just the impressive dances and beautiful bodies and faces that K-pop is marketed for (don't worry, these videos have that too).  Check it out here and let me know if you agree or disagree and what awesome videos I missed.

1. IU and HIGH4’s “Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms”

Pretty much anything with IU in it is going to be cute. Add to that the boys of HIGH4, and this video can't be missed. The video is visually stunning with the white set and red umbrella. The laid back tune and cute video put this at the top of my list. 

2. Juniel and Jung Yong Hwa’s “Fool”

Aside from how adorable this love song is, the fact that CNBlue's Jung Yong Hwa actually composed it for Juniel's debut album makes it even more special. I wish I could live inside this music video and experience my first love all over again. 

3. Akdong Musician – “200%”

This song is pretty much one of my favorite things ever, and the video is even cuter.  The sibling duo's voices are perfectly suited to each other. They are also so, so adorable. I love watching Lee Chanyuk's dance moves, as well as his geek chic style. It's so hard to believe they are so young (18 and 15 years old!). I'm so impressed with them; I could watch this video a million times over (and I probably have)

4. Secret – “Yoohoo”

Cute outfits, fun dance moves, beautiful faces — what's not to love about this video? Secret's "Yoohoo" makes me want to go spend a weekend at the beach with my best girl friends. It's just a fun, happy song all around. 

5. B1A4- “Solo Day”

The outfits in this video make me laugh. Those shorts and socks? So silly, but also so lovable. Like Secret's "Yoohoo," this video features great dance moves, a fun set, and the faces aren't bad to look at. Whenever I hear that whistle, I want to whistle along. This song just makes me happy. 

6. Almeng - “Phone in love"

Oh my goodness do I ever LOVE this video! The duo Almeng made a video that does an excellent job at visualizing the lyrics to this song. It's such an upbeat and positive song, and I love how it changes from rapping to a smoother R&B style. Not only that, but the story is so fun! Falling in love over the phone, and then realizing how awkward it is to meet for the first time. So fun. 

7. Eric Nam – “Heaven’s Door”

Love in the winter time. What's not to love about this video? Especially with winter coming, this video shows that there is something to keep you warm and happy this winter. 

8. Soyu & JungGiGo – “Some”

Can you tell I love duets? This one does not disappoint! I love this video. It encapsulates everything I love about K-drama and K-pop. It's got the love story —  will they get together or not? And the ending leaves me feeling happy inside. JunGiGo's acting is great in this video. He has some great acting chops. 

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Are there any songs you think need to be on this list? Let me know what you think the cutest K-pop videos are. I love to discover new music and add to my list.