Taiwanese dramas have their own charms. One of those charms exist within the very handsome men who steal the hearts of our leading ladies. Here are 8 sexy men who will steal our hearts in the wonderful Taiwanese dramas currently on DramaFever.

1.Kingone Wang

Kingone 1.png

Currently playing the blind Fang Zhan Cheng on Someone Like You, he’s a Taiwanese actor and singer. He’s a former member of the boy band Comic Boyz. If he seems familiar to you and you just can’t place him, you might remember him as the handsome basketball captain from the drama Devil Beside You. He will be a supporting role in the drama Drunken to Love You, coming soon to DramaFever.

2. Xiu Jie Kai

Xiu Jie Kai 1.png

Currently playing the gym owner Chen Qi Le on Dear Mom, He has played many a second male lead. Its nice to see him getting the girl on Dear Mom. You can also catch his adorable smile on Absolute Boyfriend and Easy Fortune, Happy Life.

3.Jack Li

Jack 1.png

Currently playing Zhou Yu Hang on Dear Mom, he’s known for the warm best friend/second lead roles. Jack’s female co-star in Dear Mom also played his eventual love match in Fall In Love with Me. He has quickly become one of my favorites with his boyish smile and steady gaze. I just love him. You can also catch him in Love Family and Love Around.

4. Melvin Sia

Melvin 1.png

Currently playing gangster turned lawyer Du Xiao Fei on Dear Mom, he is no stranger to pursuing his leading lady. He also sings and works as a model. He will also be in the drama The Way We Were coming soon to DramaFever.

5. Chris Wang

Chris Wang 3.png

Currently playing the tech savvy Yu Qi Feng on Aim High, Chris has charmed DF audiences for awhile now. He even took part in Dramafever’s 2nd annual awards. All I can say is that despite the warm and sweet roles he plays in his dramas Love Family and Love Me or Leave Me, I would really like to see him play a bad boy. I think I’m ready. Clothes are optional.

6. Leroy Young

Leroy 1.png

He’s going to be playing Fang Wei-De in the upcoming drama The Way We Were. He plays a man who loves a woman he’s known since college but through various circumstances, doesn’t get to do anything about it until 16 years later. He’s equally comfortable playing good or bad guys. Armed with a killer smile and deadly charm, he’ll capture your heart before you know it. You can also catch him on Love Forward.

7. Joseph Chang

Joseph 1.png

Not to be confused with Joe Cheng, Joseph stands all on his own. He’ll be playing opposite the adorable Rainie Yang in the upcoming drama Drunken to Love You. With a gorgeous smile and an equally gorgeous body, he’ll be sure to capture your attention.

8. Danson Tang.

Danson 1.png

One of my personal favorites, Danson is going to be in Murphy’s Law of Love which is coming to Dramafever. You should recognize him as our eager male nurse with a crush on Jiang Zhi Shu in They Kiss Again. Besides being gorgeous to look at, he’s comfortable playing either good or evil roles. I love him best being naughty though, he does it so well. He’ll be getting the girl this time around in Murphy’s Law.

Which of these sexy men is your favorite?