It takes an impressive amount of skill for an actor to play the role of a musical prodigy well, especially if that character is a gifted pianist, but we've all seen it done before in dramas like Boys Over Flowers and Page Turner. However, it's even more admirable if these actors can actually play this difficult instrument just as beautifully after the credits. Yes, these actors do exist, and it's about time we recognize them for their musical talent, so here are 9 Korean actors who are also amazing pianists. 

1.) Park Shin Hye

What would Park Shin Hye have done if she had never became an adored actress? Become a piano teacher, of course! It's widely known that she's not only an incredible actress, but also musically inclined. However, few of her fans know that she started playing the instrument in preschool because of her musical family and would have pursued teaching it if fate didn't have other plans for her. 

2.) Seo Kang Joon 

Fans of Cheese In the Trap know Seo Kang Joon from his role as Baek In Ho, the show's piano virtuoso, but what some of them don't know is that one of the reasons he got the part was because of his own talent for the piano. His agency says he often shows off his skills at fan meetings, and he also had a piano battle with EXO's Chanyeol during their time together on Roommate

Speaking of EXO, you can see him playing a piano version of their song "Growl" below!

3.) Nam Sang Mi

Nam Sang Mi didn't get into playing the piano until later in her life. Although she had taken a few lessons as a child, she only began seeing it as a fun hobby in 2009 after filming the drama Gourmet, and has been practicing ever since. 

4.) Kim Sun Ah

Kim Sun Ah is known mostly for her award-winning acting in dramas such as Masked Prosecutor and My Lovely Sam Soon, but if things would've turned out differently, she could have possibly pursued a career in music. She has been playing piano since the tender age of five, and even attended Ball State University in Indiana to get her major in the instrument. However, she claims that she did not practice nearly as much as her peers, who would play for almost 10 hours a day. 

Regardless, she's still a brilliant player, which can be seen in the performance below! 

5.) Krystal Jung

Honestly, what can't this girl do? On top of singing, dancing, acting, and ice skating, Krystal is also talented at playing the piano. She, along with her sister Jessica, has been playing since a very young age and has developed a knack for the instrument. Unfortunately, though, there are scarcely any clips of her playing, so fans have to settle with the "Piano Man" audition scene from High Kick 3

6.) Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In's start in piano is rather unique because he started learning while filming for the Korean drama Secret Love Affair. Although he was only required to fake the movements for his role, he instead decided to learn piano himself. Despite having no previous lessons or training in the instrument, Yoo Ah In excelled at piano due to his serious determination and studying. His skills even improved to the point that he was complimented by the classical music supervisor for the drama.

Don't believe it? Watch him practicing in the video below!

7.) Lee Sung Kyung

Before playing the sassy, spoiled Baek In Ha we all know and love, Lee Sung Kyung was a student at a music school. Since the age of seven, piano had been the number one thing in her life, and her only plan for the future until she followed a friend to a super model contest. At first, she rejected the idea of being a model, but her friend told her not to limit herself, so she entered the contest. Modeling eventually led to acting, which of course led to her being the wonderful person she is today. 

8.) Joo Won

In Tomorrow's Cantabile, Joo Won played an ambitious musician, but in real life, he was actually a reluctant piano student. As a child, he took piano lessons, but hated it because his teacher would hit his hand with a ruler when he made mistakes. He complained about it a lot and now regrets it, but due to his musical mother he still maintained a sense of rhythm. 

9.) Henry Lau

The list would not be complete without this musical prodigy! Henry not only plays the piano extremely well, he is also a talented violinist and percussionist. He first started learning piano from his mother when he was five, and has been playing and incorporating it into his music ever since. 

Watch him play the piano version of his song "TRAP" below!

Were you surprised by any of the names on this list? Who would you like to hear play the most? Let us know in the comments below!