K-Pop icon-cum-actress, Uhm Jung Hwa, tasted victory by picking up the prestigious Best Leading Actress trophy for her latest film “Montage” at the 50th annual Grand Bell Awards this past Friday. Although she’s received numerous top awards as a singer, having dominated the charts in the ‘90s, this marks her third big acting honor after two Best Actress wins at the Baeksang Awards in 2002 and 2012, respectively. In celebration of her achievements, let's take a look at some of her best moments since debuting in 1992’s “Marriage Story”:

1. When she was featured in Jinusean’s 1997 hit song “Please Tell Me.”

Talk about iconic ‘90s K-Pop.

2. When she rocked the stage in the massively popular “Poison.”

After all these years, still addicting!

3. And “Invitation,” which brought about an Uhm Jung Hwa syndrome.

This is what sexy looked like in 1998. That long black dress and black fans were all. the. rage.

4. Then, in 1999, “Festival.”

Trust me, everyone was singing this song at the karaoke when it came out.

5. When you realize she’s one of the top-selling female solo artists in Korean music history.

Her 4th album sold about 450,000 copies and her 5th about 550,000. Ah, the ‘90s — the golden age of K-Pop, when people used to buy music.

6. When she started broadening her acting range in films and did it well.

She never allowed herself to become stereotyped. From rom-coms to melodramas to thrillers, she’s done them all.

7. When, after years of focusing on her acting career, she made another splash on the K-Pop scene with “D.I.S.C.O.” in 2008.

The song, featuring Big Bang’s T.O.P., was an unexpected hit. Yep, girl's still got it.

8. When she overcame thyroid cancer in 2010.

Thankfully, it was found early and removed without much complication — she kept it so hush-hush that no one outside of her family and friends even knew about the surgery before she revealed it herself. Despite doctors’ warnings that she may never sing the way she used to, she continues to feature in songs.

Her next project is “Law of Pleasures,” which centers around women in their 40s dealing with love and sex.