We all know the pain associated with Second Lead Syndrome. Have you felt that pain? I think almost every K-drama I watch where there is a love triangle I am completely torn with who I think the girl should end up with. I love main leads, and often feel a sense of duty to them, but there is always a part of me that thinks the girl would have ended up happier and better off in the end if she had chosen the second lead. Not to mention, how sad you feel when the second lead ends up losing out in the end (because let's face it, they always have a super sad story).

Here is a list of 8 K-drama's where our heart broke for the Second Lead. Let me know who you think the main girl should have ended up with:

1. Boys over Flowers -Yoon Ji Hoo and Geum Jan Di

I know that a lot of us out there are Goo Joon Pyo fans (or more likely Lee Min Ho fans). But that doesn't stop me from thinking that Geum Jan Di should have ended up with Yoon Ji Hoo. He was so kind and thoughtful towards her. He was her first love and I feel that her heart always felt in some ways connected to him. How cute would it have been if they opened up a medical practice together? I think what makes this one especially heart breaking is that Yoon Ji Hoo never stops loving Geum Jan Di. There is no secondary love interest, or something to at least make us feel that he is happy in the end. Poor, poor Ji Hoo. 

2.Heirs – Choi Young Do and Cha Eun Sang

Choi Young Do is certainly not a perfect person. He is nowhere near as loveable as Yoon Ji Hoo (from Boys Over Flowers). Kim Tan has his moments, however, Kim Woo Bin acted so well in Heirs that you can't help but want Choi Young Do to succeed. Cha Eun Sang has such a positive affect on him, he begins to see life in a new and better way. He grows so much in the course of the show, I know that  I didn't want it to stop. When we get to see some of Choi Young Do's background and start to understand why he so hard and uncaring sometimes, it's easier to justify his behaviour. I think really I'm just making excuses for him but I have to say, there was a big part of me that thought Choi Young Do and Cha Eun Sang could have been really good for each other. 

3. Tomorrow’s Cantabile – Lee Yoon Hoo and Seol Nae Il

Tomorrow's Cantabile hasn't ended yet, so technically this shouldn't be in here. But we all know that Seol Nae Il is going to end up with Cha Yoo Jin right? In the K-drama world of forever-love stories, Cha Yoo Jin and Seol Nae Il are perfect for each other. They understand each other musically, she is his biggest cheerleader and no matter how he acts, she remains adoring and in love. But the thing is, there is a part of me that wants her to be with someone who can return that love. Although I love Cha Yoo Jin (his musical talent is so attractive) a little smile here are there is not enough. Lee Yoon Hoo has made it clear that he feels a lot for Seol Nae Il, and is willing to show that to her. There is also a part of Lee Yoon Hoo that needs fixing, he is lonely and could use that connection. Having said all that Cha Yoo Jin is growing a lot in this show, and has his own ways of showing Seol Nae Il his love. Who do you think would be a better fit for her?

4. Emergency Couple – Gook Chun Soo and Oh Jin Hee

Oh Dr.Gook. The hardened man who needed someone like Oh Jin Hee to realize life isn't as black and white as he sees it.  Oh Jin Hee can't you just forget the immature Oh Chang Min and go with Dr. Gook. My heart hurt when I saw the look on Gook Chun Soo's face when he sees Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee outside of the restaurant so in love. He tried to keep a straight face, but there was so much emotion there- it nearly killed me. In the end, where he thanks Oh Jin Hee for opening his heart to love so he could love another was at least a small silver lining. That he could be happy with another... I guess I can be happy with that. 

5. Playful Kiss - Bong Joon Gu and Oh Ha Ni

Oh, Bong Joon Gu. At first I didn't really love his character. He was too over the top for my liking. But as the show progressed, especially once he started working at the restaurant- my heart slowly moved to Bong Joon Gu's side. Beak Seung Jo was always rude to Oh Ha Ni, it never changed and is never going to change. I understand Oh Ha Ni loves him and just can't let him go. But I so, so wish she had! Once Bong Joon Gu has figured out his life, he became such a good fit for her. And who wouldn't want the sweet and adoring Oh Ha Ni to end up with someone that doted on her. For those of you that agree with me, we can feel someone content in the knowledge that Bong Joon Gu ends up happy and in love with someone else in the end. 

6. Dream High- Go Hye Mi and Jin Guk

This love triangle is a little unclear. I guess technically speaking Sam Dong is the second lead, as he is the one who had unrequited love for Go Hye Mi. But I still root, in this case, for her first love Jin Guk. They had such great chemistry. When he puts his feelings aside in the end, despite being sad that Go Hye Mi chooses someone else to love, he tells her to be happy and that they can go back to being friends. At the end when we see how their lives have changed in the future, I especially wish the Go Hye Mi and Jin Guk had ended up together. Their lives are so compatible--- why Go Hye Mi? Why?

7. Flower Boy Ramen Shop- Choi Gang Hyuk and Yang Eun Bi

Choi Gang Hyuk is just so likeable and Cha Chi Soo is so unlikeable. I usually love the not so nice-rich guy trope in K-drama's because usually there is a great back story that helps you understand who they are, and there are enough redeeming qualities that make you look past some of their behaviour. Cha chi Soo just didn't grow enough for me throughout the show. Choi Gang Hyuk however is adorable and weird and so deserving of Yang Eun Bi. 

8. You’re Beautiful- Kang Shin Woo and Go Mi Nam

I wanted them to be together but I'm also mad at Kang Shin Woo for not properly declaring his feelings earlier.At the same time how could Go Mi Nam not realize Kang Shin Woo's feelings for her? Was he the better choice for her? He made her happy and comfortable. She could be herself with him. Hang Tae Kyung on the other hand was consistently mean and uncaring. He tried in his own ways once he realized he cared for her, but I feel like it begs the question....was that really enough?

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Are there any guys that you really wish the main girl had ended up with? Which one hurt the most to you? Or do you completely disagree and love the more arrogant but intense main leads? Comment Below!