Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ended off on a high note with solid ratings and stars Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik maintaining their respective first and second place positions for the brand reputation list of drama actors from March into April. To celebrate the completion of the endearing drama, take a trip down Min Min and Bong Bong memory lane with the show’s eight original soundtracks, including a song from CEO Ahn Min Hyuk himself.

1. “Your Garden” by Jung Eun Ji

“Your Garden” by actress and APink member, Jung Eun Ji, was a surprising choice to have been given the privilege of being the first song revealed from the series’ original soundtrack. Instead of going with an upbeat track as “part 1” to fit the comedic nature of the show, this beautiful ballad was chosen, hinting at the pensive romantic moods the drama would provide.

2. “Heartbeat” by Suran

“Heartbeat, heartbeat, speeding up / Heartbeat, heartbeat, in my mind,” Suran sings in “Heartbeat”. Does your heart flutter when you hear this song? Probably not as quickly as when Ahn Min Hyuk looks at Do Bong Soon.

3. “How would it be” by Standing Egg

One of the most frustrating things about being a viewer is often we know more about what’s going on than the characters do. For example, when we know both characters have feelings for each other but they don’t know it. How unfortunate. The mid-tempo acoustic-guitar led song “How would it be” by Standing Egg is pretty much Ahn Min Hyuk’s pre-confession theme song: “If I loved you, what would we be like? If I confessed to you, what would we be like?” This scenario also fits into Do Bong Soon’s early feelings for her friend, In Gook Doo. Subsequently, this song is also relatable to another character, but if you haven’t watched or finished the show yet, I won’t ruin it for you.

4. “Pit-A-Pat” by Kim Chung Ha

A lot of cute, heart fluttering moments happen throughout the show, so appropriately, one song describing those feelings isn’t enough. This time we get “Pit-A-Pat” by Kim Chung Ha of disbanded K-pop idol group, I.O.I, fame.

5. “Double Trouble Couple” by Mamamoo

“Double Trouble Couple” -- what a fitting title! One of my favorite things about this show was the chemistry between the two leads, especially watching how they bicker with one another. “Bubble bubble couple…sweet trouble,” girl group Mamamoo sings. They were definitely a bubble couple, bursting with love, affection and cuteness.

6. “I Fall in Love” by Vromance ft. Obroject

“I Fall in Love” is a sweet mellow track about, well, falling in love. This song is sung by 4-member boy band Vromance, featuring the two-brother hip hop unit, Obroject.

7. “Super Power Girl” by Every Single Day

If you need a song to help remind you of your strengths and get you in that ‘Fighting!’ spirit, look no further than Dong Bong Soon from Do Bong Dong of Do Bong Gu’s pop-punk super hero anthem!

8. “Because of You” by Park Hyung Sik

You can’t have Park Hyung Sik star and not include an OST from the ZE:A member! “Because of You” is a ballad that describes Ahn Min Hyuk’s genuine love for Do Bong Soon. What a better way to end the release of songs than with a track about the CEO’s love confession to his unassuming bodyguard!

Which tracks do you have on replay? Share with us in the comments!


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