An amazing 83-year-old baseball-playing woman who recently graduated from high school got the thrill of her life a few days ago when she threw the ceremonial first pitch at a professional baseball game in Japan.

Chie Beppu Kaminaka, known in Japan as the "83-Year-Old Girls' High School Baseball Player," had another dream come true. She stood on the mound at Yokohama Stadium, where she threw to a waiting Kiyoshi Nakahata, manager of the Yokohama Bay Stars. "I was so nervous, but this was a dream of mine, so I'm so happy!" said Chie. All of her ex-teammates from her high school team were on hand to support her, like always. Now 84 and out of high school, she swims every morning, learning the backstroke so that she can race her daughter one day.

"I want to beat her."

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