We've all seen countless collaborations between different K-pop artists, from duets between the best singers to interesting and sometimes surprising collaborations between artists of different kinds. Most of these collaborations continue to show us the diversity and talent apparent in the Korean music scene. The last few years have brought some amazing collaborations between hip hop stars and K-pop idols. 

So many of these songs have ended up on the top of the charts because the pairing works so well. Here is a list of 9 songs that will showcase the best of the two different music genres coming together in the same song. 

1. Swings/Ailee- A Real Man

I love the interplay between Swings's rapping and Ailee's singing. Ailee's singing is melodious and feminine, and Swings's rapping is in your face. They contrast each other nicely, juxtaposing the more packed rapping to the cooler vibes of the chorus. The instruments behind both are very complimentary and highlight the artists. 

2. Vasco/Giriboy/Shannon- Breath

This emotional track has two talented rappers, Vasco and Giriboy, with up-and-coming K-pop singer Shannon, who just recently debuted with her single "Daybreak Rain." "Breath" is a beautiful slower track accompanied by a great string arrangement. Shannon shines in her vocals, and Vasco and Giriboy prove once again why they are well esteemed in the world of rap. 

3. Crucial Star/Sojin- Three Things I want to give you

This track is so mellow and relaxing. Crucial Star and Sojin from Girl's Day make a great partnership in this duet. Sojin's voice sounds as sweet as ever, complimenting Crucial Star's relaxed rap flow. I am also a huge fan of this music video, starring Lee Si Hyun and Lee Jin Kyung. 

4. Beenzino/Parc Jae Jung- Ice Ice Baby

Parc Jae Jung has shown us what a promising career he has ahead of himself with his track "Ice, Ice Baby." It's a very groovy track that has a great rhythm. Not to mention it features Beenzino, who is very skilled at bringing intensity and then dropping it back down. I'm also really excited with a fresh take on the K-pop/hip hop collaboration with all-male vocals. It's exciting and I'd like to hear more of it. 

Watch Lee Joon and Go Ah Sung as teenage lovers who face an unexpected pregnancy in Heard It through the Grapevine:

5. J'Kyun/Navi - First Snow Forecast

Navi's  fresh and pure vocals make this a fantastic love song. J'Kyun's rapping adds a crispness, making it a bit edgier. The fun lyrics of waiting for love being compared to waiting for the first snow are something most of us can relate to well. I just love the feel of this song. 

6. Simon D/Huh Gak-Day N Night

This song shows a perfect blend between K-pop and hip hop. It switches between the two genres seamlessly. I'm also a fan of the crooner chorus by Huh Gak. I'd love to hear more collaborations by the two. 

7. San E/Raina- A Midsummer Night's Sweetness

This will always be my favorite K-pop/hip hop song. It's simply perfect! Raina's voice so perfectly suits San E's. They both have a playfulness and a cuteness that they capture while in the harmonies and riffs. It's just the perfect summer song that I want to play over and over again. 

8. Damiano/Mina- Skyfall

Damiano's rapping skills are ridiculously good. Although not as smooth as some of the other artists on this list, his rhythms are fantastic and he brings such a unique and in-your-face sound to his work. Add to that Mina's beautiful and sultry voice, and you have a great combination. The video is very strange. It's artistic and visually stunning but still strange. 

9. Rubbersoul /Madclown- Life

Rubber Soul is a brand new group of all female rappers. They have a whole lot of TLC/Missy Elliot/Beyonce in there, but I have to admit they also bring a whole lot of freshness to the table. I think this group are rising stars of the hip hop field, and I'll be looking forward to seeing what else they will be releasing. 

What would you add to this playlist? Is this a genre you enjoy listening to?