If you’ve been following Japanese entertainment these past few weeks, chances are you have seen three things: Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8 and, as always, anime. And lo and behold, now Japanese players have an anime-equivalent of Nintendo’s crossover fighter. So with that in mind, wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a game where all anime characters competed in a good race? So, for your benefit, here are 9 anime characters that need to compete on the race track!

1) Goku (Dragon Ball) on Flying Nimbus


  • Special Attack: Kamehameha and Power Pole
  • Support character: Krillin (when he’s not getting owned)

Why is it that someone with the ability to fly using mystical energy sufficient to destroy planets needed a transportation cloud for years? Well, regardless of whether he needed it or not, the point is that Goku should be very glad he received this gift from Master Roshi. Not only does the Flying Nimbus facilitate speedy exits in the face of a fight, it also responds to voice commands, often times making sure that Goku is able to call it when he isn’t able to do anything else. With his extendable Power Pole for great reach attacks, a vicious Kamehameha and Krillin’s Discus attack destroying opponent car tires, victory should be guaranteed.

2) Tetsuo Shima (Akira) on Kaneda’s Bike


  • Special Attack: Psychic blast
  • Support: Shotaro Kaneda

Anime’s most iconic vehicle, suitably donned by one of anime’s most iconic characters, this Akira classic locomotive is as much the prototype for so many different vehicles in anime as its driver is for so many heroes in anime. Of course, it is ironic that even though the story places greater focus on protagonist Tetsuo Shima and his psychic abilities, it is ringleader Shotaro Kaneda’s bike that gets famous, which is why that is the vehicle our hero will command for the race. With the original owner providing support by kicking other drivers off their vehicles, our gang may finally succeed in bringing about the change they have so always desired.

3) Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan) on Titan

Attack on Titan

  • Special Attack: Titan Mind Control
  • Support: Mikasa and Armin on Vertical Manuevering Equipment

Having Eren pop out of that giant Titan suit may very well have been one of the biggest shockers this insanely hyped, super awesome series has ever produced. But why stop with our favorite ambitious protagonist Eren Jaeger simply going about and killing titans? Why not have Eren start to defend the world by racing, and have him literally run past and crush all his opponents on his way to a bloody and horrid victory? Considering the titan’s running ability and Eren’s ability to control fellow beasts with his mind, and with Mikasa and Armin providing support on their Spider-Man rip-off machines called “Vertical Maneuvering Equipment,” what else do you really need for victory?

4) Sakuragi’s Gang (Slam Dunk) all on one vehicle


  • Special attack: Being delinquents
  • Support: Kaede Rukawa on his bike

In Takehiko Inoue’s classic anime and manga about the development of a young boy into a man, an oft-overlooked aspect is the remarkable friendship that Hanamichi Sakuragi has outside of the basketball team. Yohei Mito, and “others” (as has been repeatedly confirmed, Noma, Ohkusu and Takamiya do not deserve to be called out by name) genuinely care about their friend, so much so that they even get part-time jobs to afford tickets and fuel costs to visit his games and continue supporting him. So what other way to express the love they have for their friend—and we have for them—than by giving them a starring role in the game? Besides, Hanamichi would have certainly found a seat here too, so it could be the protagonist and four support buddies trying to win a race—all on one scooter to save money, of course. Rukawa would be willing to support them because he loves victory, but he would indubitably call them morons.

5) Haruko Haruhara (FLCL) on Plaggio Vespa SS 180


  • Special Attack: Guitar Riff
  • Support: Naota with Rickenbacker 4001

Since the moment she ran over our 12-year old protagonist Naota Nandaba with her scooter, Haruko won the hearts of the dozens of fans that actually watched FLCL. But rather than dwell upon an incident that could have rather disturbing implications, we should remember that Haruko is an awesome character with the coolest goggles and electric bass guitar ever donned by an anime character. As a member of the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood, our favorite undercover agent is at times a lot more adept than her inherent clumsiness seems to give off, and her ability with that scooter is sure to bring her victory. And no matter how many times Naota may regret the horrid ways she has hurt him, he totally has a crush on Haruko and will show up in an instant to help her by bashing someone over the skull with the Rickenbacker 4001 she gifted him.

6) Ash Ketchum (Pokémon) on Lapras


  • Special Attack: Surf
  • Support: Pikachu’s Thundershock

In addition to making his beloved Pokémon fight, Ash Ketchum also uses them as beasts of burden to carry both him and his crew. And while he has ridden many a Pokémon on his quest, no one has been so emphatic as Lapras, suitably titled, “the Transport Pokémon.” Lapras has been compared to several mythological beasts and even an old dinosaur crossed with a tortoise. But none of those things capture the grace and majesty of this classic, which was literally the driving force behind the entire Orange Islands saga and the creature that every Pokémon looked like when using Surf in the original games. The question then becomes what Ash will do on the land part of a race. Well, he could always borrow Team Rocket’s Meowth hot-air balloon, but that’s most likely to get deflated and blast off at the speed of light, thus forcing Ash to surrender now and lose the fight.

7) Kagura (Gin Tama) on Sadaharu


  • Special attack: Head Chomp
  • Support: Gintoki Sakata and his wavy hair

When it’s not chomping on the heads of someone smaller, Sadaharu is an excellent travel companion that slowly evolved into one of the most invaluable pets our friends could ever have. Of course, he is most comfortable around Kagura, which is the reason she should be the one to ride atop him in the race. With her umbrella providing great defense and some bullet-firing offense as well, our crass lady of action is sure to win. And when the going gets too tough, our favorite samurai with Pantene-smooth hair, who reads manga when he’s too old to read manga, would jump in and save the day.

8) Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!) on the Blue Eyes White Dragon Jet


  • Special Attack: Screw special attacks; he has money
  • Support: Co-pilot Mokuba (when he’s not kidnapped)

It may sound like a stretch to the fans that spent their life buying Yugi Starter and Structure decks—those who have a Kuriboh plush and dress up as Dark Magician at every convention—but Kaiba’s story is just as integral to this classic anime as our titular protagonist’s. Seto Kaiba grew up as an orphan defending his brother, took the attention of a visiting billionaire and ran with it to become the heir of an empire. And even though the Blue Eyes White Dragon is his favorite card and may therefore be a better choice for his vehicle, understand that the blue eyes is only real in some kind of magical world. The Blue Eyes Jet, however, is the epitome of Kaiba’s love for the game, and his willingness to spend billions on it. Therefore, this would be his vehicle, and he would only race when taking a break from defending Mokuba from kidnappings.

9) Yuta Takemoto (Honey and Clover) on his bike


  • Special Attack: Architect Ruler Toss
  • Support: Morita-San on Kickboard

Yuta is not the smartest guy in the world—he once tried riding his bike until he managed to travel so far that he would somehow either go into the future or the past. Neither of those things worked of course, but our protagonist nonetheless developed wonderful stamina on that blue bike he always used to ride as a kid. Therefore, he is simply a no-brainer of a race, despite the fact that Honey and Clover is so mellow a setting that entering a bike race would be like setting off fireworks at kindergarten naptime. For support, Yuta would have the wonderful Morita-san on the kick board he made and gave to Takemoto as a gift (and charged him for in the form of a “free” haircut, of course).

So what other characters would you love to go see racing? Sound off in the comments below! And for all your anime needs, be sure to follow DramaFever and myself on Twitter!