These idols got it right! The stars on this list had fashion sense that shined brilliantly on the red carpet at the 29th Annual Golden Disk Awards this week. Music stars arrived at the MasterCard Center in Beijing, China for the two-day event on January 14 and 15.

Whether they won a Golden Disk Award or not, they are all number one in the fashion category.

1.A Pink

Pretty in white! Their mini skirts and shorts are a little skimpy for the cold weather, but they completed the look with stylish jackets. 


This band knows how to wear the perfect combination of black and red. Their sleek tuxedos fit each member the proper way.

3. CNBlue

I have rarely seen CNBlue have a bad clothes day. These four gentlemen always know how to wear the right suit for the occasion. The same applies here.

4. Infinite

The seven young singers took the safe route by reserving classic tuxedos for the event. The suits look the same, but they're tailor-made for each member. 

Watch Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook team up in the thrilling action romance Healer:

5. Leeteuk

Super Junior member Leeteuk is jazzy in his modern twist on a tux. I'm loving the metallic hue!

6. EXO

SMTown's hot boy group mixed it up with bowties and skinny ties. Their classic suits were accented with shiny black lapels.

7.Red Velvet

They look like innocent school girls with incredible fashion sense. Their outfits seemed like a clever spin on uniforms. Black and white was the right combination. 

8. Fei

Elegance at its finest! The Miss A member looked like she walked right out of a 1950s film. Audrey Hupburn would have loved the dress.

9. AOA

They are sexy and chic! The tight red jacket and white skirt sets complimented their bright smiles and hourglass figures.

Which exquisite outfit would you like to wear this season? 

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